Strength and Beauty is Knight

Title: Strength and Beauty
Agency: Three60 (VIC)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Knight – Smooth / Knight – Textures / Knight – Vellum / Knight Smooth – Cream
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC)

This was a truly special project for us, a collaboration of creativity, inspiration and fashion, where everyone involved was fully immersed in the process. The large format book ‘Strength and Beauty’, and three complementary A5 postcards, feature a stunning series of photographs that are a modern interpretation of medieval heroes and heroines. The book and cards showcase Knight, a unique collection of high quality uncoated papers.  With a delicate and even surface, Knight is finished to ensure beautiful printed results for communications that require elegance, strength and beauty.


We had the privilege of working with some really talented people including (but not limited to!), Three60 who provided the design and creative direction, talented photographer Justin Cooper, Visual Thing & Mr Woolf in charge of post-production, and some of Australia’s top stylists and fashion houses namely Jolyon Mason, who provided the expert styling, and fashion labels like Romance was Born,Toni Maticevski, Skin and Threads, Zambesi, Diesel and Manning Cartell among others.

The book really is a tactile and visual experience, capturing the outstanding print quality, high resolution imagery and versatility of the range which boasts a comprehensive choice of weights and finishes and is even made from environmentally sustainable pulp. The images reveal how beautifully the Knight range prints 4 colour process, handles rich solids and sharp detail with ease, and how it adds distinct warmth and beauty to enhance skin tones.

Handy hint: Re the 4 colour process set-up, we used the ISO uncoated colour profile and 2 colour process made up of Process black and Warm Grey 6. We opened up the mid-tones to allow for gain and images were over sharpened to allow for ink swell on the press.

For your very own copy of the Knight book, please contact our samples department or call your specifications representative.