Keaykolour gilded edge postcards

Title: Keaykolour gilded edge postcards
Agency: Hunt Studio
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Keaykolour Original
Printed by: Foiling – Avon Graphics (VIC), Gilded edges – Ort Bindery

Our customers often ask what techniques they might use to help them stand out from the rest, so we’re always looking out for something new to offer them. Recently, we discovered a business card with beautifully gilded edges, a technique that we just had to try for ourselves!

Keaykolour gilded postcards_2

We commissioned Thomas Williams from Hunt Studio to design an A5 gilded edged card on Keaykolour Antique, Navy Blue 250gsm. He came up with a mesmerising isometric pattern, wrapping around to the gilded edges and text typeset in Akkurat Mono, all in Kurz copper foil.

Originally the job was specified with a red foil, but we found that it wasn’t adhering well during testing. After experimenting with a few other similar colours, we found the copper foil adhered the best.

If you would like to use this process on your next job, our suggestion is to do some testing first, as each foil may react differently depending on the paper stock used. Also, ensure a sharp guillotine blade to avoid rough patches, or alternatively forme cut the job for greater accuracy.

Although this is a brilliant technique, there is a lot of manual labour involved, therefore we wouldn’t recommend using this process for large jobs. It’s perfect for boutique jobs and jobs with small runs, such as business cards.

To see one of these beautifully crafted cards, call our samples department or contact your KWD paper representative.

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