Barry Bleach Board pops back into the mainstream

Title: Barry pop-up card
Agency: GuerrillaTV (Melbourne)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Barry Bleach Board
Printed by: William Troedal (Melbourne). Managed by Printbound (Melbourne). Gluing – CP Gluing (Melbourne).

Barry is the type of guy to stand up and be counted. Brighter than your average board, he’s super smooth and high performing. If you want an affordable bleach board that will endure the most demanding of jobs then Barry is your man.

Our big bustling Barry has returned. Well, he didn’t really go far. He was sort of on a holiday after generating so much fame from his initial promotion. He’s back to remind you of his superb printing qualities and new grammage –170gsm. Barry wants you to know that he delivers very attractive print results for offset, gravure, flexo and serigraphy printing. Overall, his printability is top class. He has a yield advantage of 20%+ against other SBS (Solid Bleach Sulphate) boards.

We’ve noticed that Barry gets around. He often leaves the office and we find him in shop window displays, point of sale, on greeting cards, and in high end packaging like food and blister applications. It’s really quite hard to look past Barry. A. He’s so good looking. B. He has some solid environmental credentials. Barry is made with PEFC certified fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests. Manufactured in a facility that is accredited with the ISO 14001 EMS certification and he’s even made with elemental chlorine free pulp.

Please call your K.W.Doggett Fine Paper specialist for your own Barry pop-up promo or speak to John Alipan, Business Development Manager, Packaging 03 8470 2244 or for more detailed information on Barry’s many uses.