Here comes the Sun (again)!

Title: Sun water bottle and notepad promotion
Client: Self-promotion
Stocks: Sun Art A2 – Gloss / Sun Art A2 – Matt / Sun Offset
Printed by: Notepad: Pinnacle (Melbourne). Bottle: designed in-house, printing organised via Goldstem (Sydney).

We thought it was about time to welcome back some sunshine. Some of you might remember our competition from last year. Well, we couldn’t keep the Sun Art A2 coated and Sun Offset papers down for long. With their economical, laser guaranteed (Sun Offset only), FSC certified credentials, top notch runnability and economic value, we just had to let these brands shine so we developed a Sun branded aluminium water bottle and Sun Offset notepad.

Sun Art A2 Matt and Gloss coated is available in 115gsm, 128gsm and 150gsm weights. Sheet sizes include 455 x 650; 635 x 880, 650 x 910 (bold figure indicates grain direction).

Sun Offset is an uncoated woodfree sheet and comes in 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm and 120gsm, in a variety of sheet sizes.  Please refer to the Sun Offset swatch for further technical specs.

Both papers are great for those big jobs, they are environmentally responsible and suitable for all types of general printing processes. Your K.W.Doggett Fine Paper representative will be around to see you soon with the bottles and notepads.

Sun Offset Waterbottle_2