It’s not what you say…

Title: It’s not what you say…
Agency: Naughtyfish
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Conqueror CX22 / Conqueror CX22 100% Recycled / Conqueror Laid / Conqueror Laid Digital / Conqueror Wove
Printed by: Green and Gold, Superscreen, Goldcraft, Bambra. Embellishments – Goldcraft.

…it’s how you say it!  If someone told you to stroke a cliché until it purrs like a metaphor, would you? The promo features funny quotes like this one, loads of cheeky clichés and the five new Conqueror type faces created by Jean François Porchez exclusively for Conqueror. You can download them for free here! You’ll think outside the box when you see the refreshed colour palette in action and may even exclaim ‘far out’ when you read about Conqueror’s green credentials. The whole range is FSC accredited and made CarbonNeutral®, certified by The CarbonNeutral Company. All emissions produced in the manufacture and delivery of Conqueror from raw materials to K.W.Doggett Fine Paper warehouses nationally have been offset.

Conqueror_Its not what you say_6

We collaborated with independent design studio Naughtyfish on this project and had some fun times pouring over the clichés. The concept was inspired by the theme from the European promo: ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’. And not only will it tickle your funny bone, it’s educational too! We’ve included some handy printing hints covering topics like foiling and scoring.

Although clichés are generally avoided in the quest for originality, Naughtyfish took a walk on the wild side and decided to celebrate them! We wanted to challenge the perception that Conqueror is traditionally specified for stationery by using different printing techniques, weights and embellishments. We used 4 colour process, screen printing, foils, and digital printing to showcase the versatility of the range.

The promotion is a handy A5 size folder that houses the various pieces including four A5 postcards, a typeface book, and a deck of cards called the ‘Pearls of wisdom’. The type catalogue is a font lovers dream! With a short blurb about the creative inspiration behind each type face, there’s lots to enjoy. As Paul from Naughtyfish mentioned, “the type faces are quite classic but offer the potential for creative exploration and are designed to be combined in different ways. Most of the fonts have ligatures, which allow for nicely crafted typography.”

A variety of stocks were used from the Conqueror and Conqueror 100% Recycled ranges. We included the new colours like cobalt and calligraphy (which is so much blacker than the old black) which we thought you might like. Conqueror is a really tactile collection and comes in paper and board weights, randing from 90gsm to 400gsm. It’s manufactured by Arjowiggins (UK) and is exclusively distributed by us!

Your K.W.Doggett Fine Paper representative will be coming to see you in the following weeks with your own sample. Oh, and remember to get your creative pants on and enter the Conqueror ‘It’s how you say it’ design competition. All entrants get to join a webinar with Jean François Porchez. It’s now or never! Enter here (competition no longer open).

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