Curious postcards – digital and offset

Title: Curious postcards
Agency: Naughtyfish (Sydney)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Curious Metallics / Curious Metallics Digital
Printed by: Offset card Green & Gold (Sydney), Digital card Bambra Press (Melbourne)

The enchanting Curious Collection story continues with the release of two postcards using the stunning imagery from the book. The Curious Metallics range now comes with HP Indigo certified sheets Ice Gold Digital (120gsm, 300gsm) and Ice Silver Digital (300gsm). The great thing about this collection is that it offers a vibrant colour palette, text and cover weights and matching envelopes and it’s suitable for offset and digital printing. For offset printing, we recommend using either fully oxidising or traditional offset inks. The offset postcard is printed using stochastic screening on the Ice Gold 300gsm. The digital sheets are great they’re made with a patented coating formulation and feel the same as the other papers. There is no shelf life or yellowing issues either. We printed the digital card on Ice Silver Digital 300gsm using an HP Indigo 5500. The Curious Metallics range is manufactured by Arjowiggins (UK).

Curious Postcards_2

Curious Postcards_1