The Blank Sheet Project and Renzo Rosso, Founder of Diesel

The start of a new idea often starts with a ‘blank sheet of paper moment’. The one where the future is open – you start from nothing and can literally create anything. This can be a challenging moment, a call to arms even. In their commitment to encourage individuals and businesses to be more innovative, thoughtful and sustainable, Arjowiggins Creative Papers, in association with D&AD, developed a unique and pretty neat project which explores how four creatives of global renown approach that moment – and so was born ‘The Blank Sheet Project’.

So far, Arjowiggins Creative Papers have asked Neville Brody, Sir John Hegarty and now Renzo Rosso: ‘How will you leave your mark?’ Each creative shares their creative process, from inspiration to finished idea. They also nominate the pieces of work they would leave behind for future generations, discuss their own views on the role of paper today, the future of the creative industry and the responsibility of creatives to always be more innovative, thoughtful and sustainable.

Back to Renzo for a moment. He’s a man who uses a blank sheet every day to design some of the most iconic fashions of the modern day world. He has created a brand which changed perceptions and broke every pre-existing rule there is, and he’s the founder of the ‘Only the Brave’ foundation. His approach is unique and his mantra is ‘be stupid’. We’re not joking, it really is! It’s also the fundamental philosophy of the Diesel brand. Renzo says: “When you did things before others, they think you are stupid…smart people think how things are today but stupid people are those who think how things could be.” Touche Renzo! The interview reveals a man who is, without doubt, a single-minded, self-confessed workaholic, yet, surprisingly, a firm believer in collaboration and communal effort.

The background to this project makes for a great story too. Arjowiggins Creative Papers asked themselves: “If we started again; if we had a blank sheet of paper; if we put sustainability at the very top of the agenda; what would we do? How could we do things differently?” They launched an internal ‘blank sheet project’ in 2010. It was a chance for the company to rethink, evolve and ensure that they always make responsible business decisions, focusing on how they will leave their mark – socially, economically and environmentally. It made sense on a business level too. We love the idea – absolutely amazing.

Complementary to the launch of this is ‘Leave Your Mark’. Every two weeks, an ambassador (personality, artist, creator etc) express their vision of creativity and how they will leave their mark.

If you want to find out more about the ‘The Blank Sheet Project’, call our marketing department 03 8470 2244 or speak to your paper specialist.