Stuck on Doggett Labels

Title: Stuck on Doggett Labels
Agency: Work Art Life (VIC)
Stocks: JAC Brilliant Gloss

Let’s talk about…stickers. They come in all shapes and all sizes for all types. This Doggett Labels promotion was designed by Work Art Life. Featuring a set of cheeky labels, it’s designed to be a bit of fun.

Lips, a moustache, nipples (that’s right, no holds barred here!) and an engagement ring are just a few wicked shapes we’ve included. Many of us use labels in some way, so we’re here to remind you that not only do we share the love for sticky labels, but that we make and sell pre-cut labels too.

Doggett Labels are made on site in our Melbourne branch and offer an extensive choice of stocks, sheet sizes and adhesives. With face sheets of A4, CG, A3 and SRA3, we can help you find the perfect label for your project. Doggett Labels are boxed in sheets of 100 and come standard with Doggett branding on the backing sheet, or plain on request for bulk orders. Michael Moodie our label guru, will help you with those tricky jobs or any custom make, contact him at or call our VIC office on 03 8470 2244.

To get your hands on a copy of this A4 label promotion, please contact your paper specialist or your nearest sample department. And remember, if you can’t find your perfect label, we’ll make it for you!