AGDA National Awards + Twenty Years of Glass Mountains

The Biennale awards night is almost here – in less than two weeks the design community will descend upon Melbourne’s iconic Forum Theatre to dance the night away and celebrate all that is good about Australian Graphic Design. We’ll be there and hope you can make it too.

As part of the celebrations AGDA has released ‘Twenty Years of Glass Mountains’. An Exhibition of AGDA Pinnacle Award Winning work. For those of you that are seasoned AGDA members it would have been obvious what a glass mountain was but it did take me a few minutes to compute that it was the award, the winner’s trophy. I have held one, just once, at the awards after party, they are quite beautiful, very heavy and definitely not that easy to swing around the dance floor.

Trophies aside, the exhibition features all the winning work. It’s amazing to look back at the pieces from the early 90s (when the awards began). Most of it is still beautiful today, we especially love the packaging design (1992) by David Lancashire (although we’ve always been partial to Mr Lancashire talents!) and the winning illustrations from 3 Deep (2002).

Accompanying the show is great little paper program, designed and curated by Dom Forde from Famous Visual Services. It showcases all the work plus photos of the original AGDA awards team and judging panel. Rita Siow, what’s your secret? Twenty years on and you still look the same! We might point out the program was printed on some pretty nice paper. But then we’re biased. We supplied the stock and Gunn & Taylor supplied the print.

Hope to see you at the awards ceremony next Saturday!
Catherine Doggett
National Marketing Manager