The Keaykolour ‘colourful life’ range update/promo

Title: Keaykolour ‘colourful life’ campaign
Agency: There Design (NSW)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Keaykolour 100% Recycled / Keaykolour Original / Keaykolour Parchment
Printed by: Southern Colour (NSW). Foiling by Goldcraft (NSW). Screen print by Horizon Graphics (NSW).

Keaykolour collaborated with Ian Wright, a contemporary artist, illustrator and designer based in the UK to come up with this musically inspired promotion. Ian has had a truly ‘colourful life’ at the forefront of contemporary design and illustration, creating iconic images for culturally hip clients. He has an original approach to image making, reflected in his three works of paper art.

The pieces include the replica of a JVC Boombox, portrait of Jimi Hendrix and a 7” disk of black vinyl. All of them have been created using paper from the Keaykolour range and by cutting, slicing, folding (and in the case of Jimi, rolling 2250 cones of paper, each 20cm high, into pre-drilled holes!), some original pieces of art have been created. Thank you Ian for reminding us how much fun paper can be. It’s like he has taken the primary school days of cutting and gluing and experimenting with paper to new heights!

KK_Colourful life_3

Not too many tricks with this little beauty designed in collaboration with There Design (NSW) and the wonderful company behind Keaykolour – Arjowiggins Creative Papers. There is a duplex cover showcasing the new Tangerine 300gsm and favourite – Guardsman Red. The promo also features the new deeper coloured Jet Black and new grammages. We’ve used some screen printing, PMS 877U, silver and black foil action. The book comes flat, with some pages scored so that people can interact with them. We had a recent range update so we’ve included the revised stock table in the promotion.

If YouTube floats your boat, please visit our channel showing where you’ll find some behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Ian Wright and the creative process he followed to create the homage to music that is the ‘colourful life’ promotion.

KK_Colourful life_1

KK_Colourful life_2