Regal Rogue – Australia’s first vermouth

Title: Regal Rogue corporate identity and branding
Agency: Squad Ink (NSW)
Client: Regal Rogue
Stocks: Envirocare 100% Recycled
Printed by: Clarke Murphy Print (NSW)

Regal Rogue is a unique Australian aromatic vermouth. Sourced with brawn and crafted with heart for all the world to savour.” Cheers to that! We love that whimsical sentence from the Regal Rogue website. You may be thinking: ‘Since when did Australia and vermouth appear in the same sentence?’. Well, they do now. A Hunter Valley style, classic cocktail mixer, exists. For real. And the wrap of the bottle is printed on our very own Envirocare 100% Recycled 70gsm.


Squad Ink in Sydney, run by twin brothers Terry and Matthew Squadrito are behind the identity for this innovative brand. They were brought into the mix by marketing entrepreneur and Regal Rogue founder, Mark Ward (Bureau Six), in collaboration with winemaker Lisa McGuigan and Yakusan’s Gilles Merry providing strategic brand insights.

The wrap on the bottle is really beautiful, printed 1 PMS. The quirky illustration is of a Knight in armour and an owl sporting a crown, nutty but we love it. Squad Ink wanted the packaging to lend itself to fitting in with today’s commitment to sustainability ie handmade v mass produced, small v gigantic, natural v artificial. In a world full of so many choices, it is often all about the packaging and this bottle is a stand-out in that respect.

Squad Ink further developed the rogue knight’s story by highlighting his roguish ways through a series of etiquette tips and serving suggestion cards. ‘The Etiquette of a Regal Rogue’, with clever copy from the peeps at Copy&Co (see pic on the Squad Ink website). They also called it ‘Batch No.1: ‘Fearlessley handcrafted’ which sounds superbly roguish to us!

One last thing, if you love this project and would like it to win some glory, go forth and vote for it in the Sydney Design Awards.

COMPETITION DETAILS: To enter, please send an email to with your answer to this question:

If you win, where/when will you be drinking your Regal Rogue?
A. At your local park out of a brown paper bag.
B. At a cocktail party held in your friend’s pimped-out pad.
C. By yourself next Saturday night because everyone else has gone to the AGDA Awards.

Winner will be drawn on 30 November 2012 and be notified by email.