As sunny as Maya honey

Title: Maya Sunny Honey identity and branding
Agency: Zé Studio (NSW)
Client: Maya Sunny Honey
Stocks: Doggett Labels – Precut / Envirocare 100% Recycled
Printed by: Carbon8 (NSW)

Bees produce honey but have you ever seen it done like this?? The Maya Sunny Honey (you can also visit their Facebook page) product range literally involves bees crafting the honey INSIDE the jar! Zé Studio in Sydney designed the identity and branding and used Envirocare 100% Recycled labels for the jars.

The unique and innovative 100% raw honey range is brought to you by Andrew Wyszynski. It’s such a great concept with a stylish and beautiful design to match. The upside down jars are awesome, reflecting the process taken to make the sweet nectar. For the most part, the process is a well-kept secret. But we can give you a sneak peek at how it all happens because you take the time to read our blog and we love you.

Enclosed within each individual jar is a mini beehive, with about 450-500 bees crafting an exceptional and unique honeycomb. The making of this honeycomb is an incredible system, where a set of 30 empty jars are placed upside down on top of a beehive. The bees travel from the hive into each jar creating the honeycomb from scratch with no foundation (amazing right?). Around one month later a whole jar is complete.

Joe Tarzia from Zé Studio mentions: “A sustainable and handcrafted approach was reflected in the design execution – matching the natural process of production from beehive to jar as well as the pure nature of the honey itself. Understanding Andrew’s delicate and precise process was the most honest approach in handling all aspects of packaging, from material selection through to hand application methods.”

A locally sourced vine wire was selected to hand seal the neck of each jar as well as the Envirocare 100% Recycled labels, printed using an HP Indigo press and pre-cut for hand application. Andrew believes that: “Honey should be enjoyed in its most pure form, allowing full benefit of its nutritional properties.” This innovative design does the trick by complementing the process of production from beehive to jar and looking great at the same time. Yum on both counts!