Dinosaur Designs booklet

Title: Dinosaur Designs
Agency: Hoyne Design NSW
Client: Dinosaur Design
Stocks: HannoArt – Satin / Impact
Printed by: Oxygen Printing NSW

Dinosaur Designs is one of the Australia’s most celebrated brands in jewellery, homewares and objet d’art. To showcase their stunning new range, Dinosaur Designs aka Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, partnered with Hoyne Design and photographer Nicholas Samartis to produce a highly collectible annual publication. Its graphic and textural imagery had us at page one. The theme is modern tribal, as Louise Olsen said: “With this collection, we played with the rhythmic sensibility of colour and pattern. Strong earthy tones are balanced with earthy neutral tones.

D Designs_2

The 32pp A5 booklet is printed offset CMYK with fluoro orange ink on HannoArt Satin 170gsm and cover Impact 100% recycled 300gsm. The dust jacket is designed as a treatment which unfolds to reveal a double sided poster, printed offset CMYK with fluoro orange on Impact 100% recycled 100gsm. The publication is a work of art in itself – a real little beauty that does the brand justice. To view Dinosaur Design’s beautiful new range see www.dinosaurdesigns.com.au/collections

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