A blend of old and new at Chin Communications

Title: Chin Communications rebrand
Agency: Design By Bird
Client: Chin Communications
Stocks: Strathmore Premium Super Smooth – Ultimate White
Printing specs: Offset and digitally printed
Printed by: Inkifingus

Chin Communications is a well-known Chinese translation service, operating for nearly 20 years. They provide translation services to people and businesses across Australia. A recent re-brand carried out by Melbourne-based studio Design By Bird, is really special. They considered the historical, multicultural, language and modern angles to create the right branding for Chin.


Steeped in tradition, the Chin logomark (秦) pays homage to both the company’s founder Qin (pronounced ‘Chin’) Lushan as well as Qin Shihuangdi – China’s first emperor.  All great work comes from sound research. The studio looked into China’s rich history, discovering elements from the past they could take into Chin’s future. They found out that when Emperor Qin standardised currency, each coin was inscribed with seal script – an ancient Chinese technique. With this in mind, they re-worked the logo, included a bright colour palette and modern typography.


The studio shared many interesting insights like this one: “There are certain considerations that need to be taken into account when designing for a multicultural audience. For example, names should not be in red because in ancient China, red titles were reserved for the dead and particular white papers don’t sell in China because of their tones. Not only did we get to work with a great client on an exciting project, but we learnt a lot.”


The business cards and folders were printed on Strathmore Premium Super Smooth Ultimate White – 352gsm. The letterheads, with compliments slips and C4 envelopes were printed on the 118gsm. “The paper has a great texture, which the ink took to really well. We were particularly impressed with the clarity of the colours on the Ultimate White background,” reports the studio. Using a variety of processes and techniques including foils, block colour and photographic elements, everything was printed offset except for the with compliments slips, which were printed digitally.

The new suite of collateral is a lovely blend of the old and new, giving an ultra-modern lift to a well-recognised brand. What’s not to love?