Camilla look book by Heather Hawk

Title: Camilla look book ‘In the name of the tribe’
Stocks: Skin Curious Collection, Grange Offset
Printing specs: Offset printed with some Spot UV highlights
Printed by: Platypus Graphics, QLD
Finishing by: Craftsman Bookbinding, QLD and Vivid FX, QLD

Heather Hawk is a very lucky designer in our eyes. She gets the fun job of branding each season for Camilla and translating the creative direction and styling of the shoot into a printed piece.

The latest look book reflects a 10 year celebration and Camilla wanted to make it super special. A lover of travel, Camilla’s latest adventures were spending some time with the tribes in the hills of Vietnam. Heather gets her inspiration for design elements and patterns from immersing herself in details like this. She then presents logo and design direction options to Camilla and the team and they choose their favourite.


Part of what really makes this look book is the large format, singer sewn binding, not to forget the silver foil on the cover and illustrations throughout. Those rad hand painted rainbows and tribal symbols Heather draws with her own hand. Her own hand!! Amazing.

“There’s also something important I should mention about the whole experience of a Camilla look book,” says Heather. “It’s not only visual but textural. Camilla’s brand is all about the customer experience. So on the inside pages there are spot UV tribal symbols that are not necessarily clear to the eye but they pick up the light, and when you run your hand over them you feel the raised texture.”


This spot UV process is something Platypus Graphics do really well. What it does is makes a particular area of the page come to life (like in the above picture), adding a special touch to the piece. Heather wanted to use Skin as she finds it holds the colour really well. “I wanted the colour to pop and it also feels amazing. Grange – the uncoated text stock, is amazing too.”

As we say, it’s not just about our paper, it’s what you do with it! And you, Heather Hawk (and Platypus Graphics of course), have made it look totally rad.