Our revamped packaging swatch

We don’t normally talk-up our swatches but the packaging swatch warrants some air time. In a few years we have grown our portfolio of packaging products from only a handful to now 13. We’ve added new products and weights that provides our customers with a lot more choices and flexibility to ensure they can find what they need.


The revamped swatch, developed for customers that work in the packaging arena or do board work, now includes tabbed sections for each product including stock availability, applications and logos. A good variety of our different grammages are featured too, with the all important measurement (ums) also listed.

We have all of the faves in there like Barry and Buffalo Board, alongside packaging products that didn’t appear in the original swatch like Beer Matt Board (great for letterpress jobs) and Enviro Board. Plus some newbies like Bondi Whiteback (economical, high white economical folding bleach board) and Printkote Ovenable Board (good for freezer-to-oven applications). All the stocks included in the new swatch are:

Barry Bleach Board
– Bondi Whiteback
– Hercules Greyback
– Chill Board
– Buffalo Kraft & Buffalo Board
– Printkote PE
– Printkote Ovenable
– Imported Manilla Board
– Beer Matt Board
– Doggett Boxboard
– Enviro Board


With our packaging products appearing on supermarket and chemist shelves, to famous chocolate store wrappers, fashion label swing tags, covers of real estate brochures, eco product catalogues and greeting cards, there’s an endless stream of things to get excited about. Paper, we love it.