AWE Cosmeceuticals

Title: AWE Cosmeceuticals
Agency: Liquidink Design
Stocks: Maine Recycled Silk
Printing specs: Digitally printed.
Printed by: Whirlwind Print (VIC).

AWE is an Australian ‘cosmeceutical’ range. That’s not a made up word! Cosmeceutical means products that are a blend of cosmetic and pharmaceutical active ingredients to create a unique biological effect. Sounds a little bit fancy really. The range is also natural, luxuriant and eco-friendly. AWE also offers Ayurveda skin care (pronounced eye-your-vay-da), a 5000 year old holistic medical system from India designed to rejuvenate the mind and the body. Due to popular demand, the range will soon be available nationally.

To celebrate their growth, a new product brochure was created. Printed digitally on Maine Recycled – Silk 150gsm, the natural sheen of the paper gives the brochure a luxurious, fresh look. Lindsay Spencer from AWE shares: “Using a recycled stock was particularly important as we wanted to remain true to the brand’s ethical ethos.”

To learn more about AWE’s products and indulge in some well earned pampering, go to