Product updates you might have missed in 2015

It’s been a busy year with lots of new products, promotions and events. Here’s the low down on key updates to some of our core ranges in 2015, plus the new swatches we produced HannoArt Plus, King Kong Hi-Bulk and the big kahuna, Curious Collection.

New product lines and key changes:

  • NEW! Sovereign Offset Indigo B2.
  • NEW! Knight Vellum Digital – Indigo SRA3.
  • Saxton discontinued.
  • Grange Offset and Board shade change to a brighter 160CIE whiteness.
  • Grange Tinted Board (replaced tablex boards) plus new colours added.
  • NEW! Sun Offset range extended to include 140gsm.
  • NEW! Wausau Double Sided Tape (replaced JAC double sided kraft).
  • NEW! Doggett Label facesheets: Buffalo Kraft, Estate #9 Laid, Bright Gold, Dull Gold and Bright Silver.


Swatches released in 2015:

HannoArt Plus Gloss and Silk
The new range launched at the start of 2015 and has grown to be a firm printer favourite. It offers exceptional value and great printability. It’s FSC certified, dry toner suitable and HP Indigo compatible, optional carbon neutral and food contact approved to ISEGA standards like its predecessor. Benefits of the new range include:

  • Bulkier sheet than previous HannoArt.
  • More in line with style of an A2 coated paper.
  • Significantly less cracking than Traditional European sheets.
  • Less reflection and therefore better readability.
  • Less curl after varnishing.
  • Improved surface in particular in the board weights.


The recent Seafolly brochure featuring Gigi Hadid, is printed on the new HannoArt range.

King Kong Hi-Bulk
Like its name, King Kong Hi-Bulk is a formidable new player in our coated product range. This bright white double-sided art board with gloss finish delivers on ink lay down, scoring, folding, laminating and spot varnishing. It’s also economical and highly reliable so you can feel confident about great press performance. AND it requires minimum drying time.

Curious Collection
This swatch now combines four of our specialty range products: Skin, Metallics, Translucents and Matter. We call it the big kahuna and it was created to give you, our customers, an easy and simple way of comparing some of our primo products under one ‘roof’.



Brief history of the swatch
The swatch is pretty much our primary selling tool, showcasing each product range’s features and technical info. The shoes on the front represent the range/name, like the hairy slipper that represents King Kong Hi-Bulk. Ha!! The theme of using shoes was originally developed by David Lancashire (the same guy behind our doggie branding). The thinking behind it was a dog’s cheeky habit of chewing on their owner’s much loved footwear. Fast forward 15 plus years and the shoes are still a hit!

If your swatch kits hasn’t been updated already, please get in touch with your account manager for the latest swatches. Head to our website for more information about the products.