Our top five packaging picks of 2015

We love a good package here. Yes siree. Paper, label, texture, colour, it’s all part of our love.

We recently read-up on Landor’s predicted trends for 2016. There’s more on consumers craving authentic interaction, but we feel that one’s been thrown around for a while. One of the big and interesting trends however is the return of bricks and mortar stores, experiencing brands though multichannel/multi sensory experiences, a heightened focus on storytelling and incorporating products into peoples lives more than ever before. Product packaging could be even more important now than it ever has before.

Our top packaging job picks for 2015 are here for your eyes to feast on.

1. Snoop Dogg’s ‘Leafs by Snoop’, designed by Pentagram. We love this colourful and somehow sophisticated, California cool (to reflect Snoops roots) packaging that is promoting his cannabis range. Who are we to judge? It’s legal in Colorado! Everything from the beautifully designed logo to the colourways and use of interesting dies for the paper packaging makes the range a winner. We like the quotes below, written in Snoop’s own handwriting.






2. Hey Studio’s packaging for Arrels, Barcelona. 
Buy, buy, buy me now! If only the packaging could talk for sure this is what it would be saying. Colourful, bright graphics that perfectly complement the goods, mmmm m. The pattern created for the boxes extends into the printed brochure and is meant to represent the natural surface of the earth. Read the whole story here.




3. Loving Earth rebrand by Studio Round. 
We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Loving Earth. The range speaks our language: Australian, chocolate, organic. This latest re-brand is beautiful. With the colourful identity system, illustrations and bold type, it’s a stand-out on the shelves. Read more about the project here.



4. Archie Rose Distilling Co. branding by Squadink.
This is one of our overall fave projects from 2015 which includes the packaging design, bar and venue branding. There are now two rounds of packaging. The first round saw Original Vodka, Signature Dry Gin and White Rye designed with a creamy white textured label. The second round of spirits are the tailored Vodka, Gin and Whisky. This time on a black label with silver, gun mental and gold foils. And when we say tailored, we mean tailored. You can customise your own bottle from your phone and even get your name on it.







5. Limited edition collection of Varvaglione wines by Idem Design.
Inspired by the fashion world, these unique wine labels are dressed to impress. Created by Idem Design in Italy, the three textured patterns represent iconic brands in the fashion world, designed to be collected and admired. And of course to be enjoyed with a delicious Italian meal, preferably in Italy (let’s say Positano for the sake of it).