VoPP Nutella Case Study


Nutella wanted to build a lasting relationship with its customers and attach a sense of community to its iconic brand. To achieve this, they needed to make each customer feel special and trigger an emotive response that encouraged deeper connections with the brand.


The solution was to build a campaign that focused on personalisation with customers being given the opportunity to receive printed labels, or purchase personalised jars, that displayed their name in the trademark Nutella typography. The campaign has been a great success in Australia with hundreds of thousands of customers engaging with the novel idea and sharing images of their jars on social media.


To tap into the lucrative millennial market segment whilst also appealing to their core target market of families required Nutella to engage with their customers on a truly personal level. Nutella realised that a product offering which appealed to individuals was key to the campaign’s mass appeal and success. To do so, Nutella adopted a one-to-one marketing strategy which focused entirely on the concept of ‘Make Me Yours’ with customers invited to personalise their Nutella label.

Given that millennials are all about mobility and digitisation, the ability to integrate innovative labelling and packaging with social media is paramount.” 

Gareth Pearson, CEO at BMi Research


Nutella announced through multiple social media platforms that, for a period of time, customers who purchased a special jar of Nutella could request a personalised label which could be wrapped around the jar, replacing the standard Nutella label.

The customer had to use an in-built Facebook app to scan the barcode on the Nutella jar and then type the name they wished to be used for their personalised label. The label would then be posted to the customer for them to stick onto their jar of Nutella. The accompanying letter encouraged people to upload photos of themselves with their personalised jars onto Nutella’s Facebook page and share the experience with friends through the #mynutella hashtag.


Originally, the campaign was due to last for a six week period creating a sense of urgency with Nutella fans who wanted to take advantage of the special offer. However, major retailer Myer saw the potential in offering the service in store as part of their ‘Giftorium’ Christmas campaign. Partnering with Ferrero (Nutella’s manufacturer) Myer offered shoppers the opportunity to instantly purchase personalised jars, with special printers being deployed to all stores in order to print the personalised labels.


The initial campaign launch was very successful with hundreds of thousands of customers accessing the online app to receive personalised labels for their Nutella jars. Millennials quickly became Nutella’s greatest and most vocal advocates with thousands of customers using social media to propagate their recommendations to friends and family and upload images of their personalised Nutella jars.

For many, the concept was perfect to give to a friend or family member as a thoughtful and unique Christmas present. However, many would not have taken the steps required to receive the personalised labels via post, regardless of how perfect the gift may have been for its recipient.

This apparent shortfall in the deployment of the campaign was perfectly filled by retailer Myer’s ‘Giftorium’ Christmas campaign. Myer was the only retailer in Australia who offered the service and it featured heavily in all of their stores nationwide. The success of the in-store personalised Nutella jars was astounding and became the top-selling item for their Christmas period. Myer sold more than 400,000 personalised jars in Victoria alone with 50,000 being sold in their flagship store.

The personalisation of interactions fosters greater customer loyalty which ultimately results in the holy grail of marketing – namely improved ROI.” 

Gareth Pearson, CEO at BMi Research


Over the past couple of years, the concept of mass personalisation has emerged as a powerful differentiator for brands who are eager to give their products a USP in increasingly competitive markets. Especially among millennials, who demand more from the brands they choose to engage with, offering a personalised experience is essential for developing customer loyalty. Combining the power of customised printed packaging with social media is a highly effective tactic for forging strong customer engagement.

Today’s consumers want to feel unique and by offering something personalised and affordable, brands can achieve this and reap the rewards. The trend towards personalised packaging and printed marketing material will no doubt continue to rise with marketers capturing and utilising more customer data than ever before. The ability of printers to adapt to these changes and offer personalised components to a brand’s product or service offering will become essential as marketers continue to seek evermore effective ways to engage with their customers.


Thanks to Kellie Northwood, Executive Director of VoPP/Two Sides Australia for allowing us to republish this case study, made available to us as Foundation Sponsors of TSA Limited, the publishers of the VoPP (Value of Paper and Print) report. Find out more via www.valueofpaperandprint.com.au.