Pentagram’s Abbott Miller designs Dance Ink magazine (again!)

Not sure when the last time was that we (ok maybe just some of us), got THIS excited about a magazine being launched, or in this case, relaunched. So just imagine the excitement of all the lovers of dance, photography and design out there when niche publication Dance Ink was brought back from the publishing graveyard!

The magazine acts as an alternative performance space for dance. Originally published from 1989-1996, the quarterly performing arts journal is pretty unique. The dance works you see beautifully photographed on the pages are, we kid you not, specifically commissioned just for the magazine. What a concept! The cover of the first issue of the new Dance Ink features Silas Riener performing Merce Cunningham’s ‘Changeling’ which is a bit of a homage to the amazing performer.

Published by Patsy Tarr and designed and edited by Abbott Miller from Pentagram, both taking up their original roles (ah-mazing), Dance Ink has literally picked up where the last one left off. What could be a more perfect quote for the relaunched mag which appears in the first few pages from Merce Cunningham himself: “We begin again.” From what we’ve read on Pentagram’s blog, this time in history is shaping up to be: “…something of a renaissance in independent magazine publishing.” And it’s given them a primo opportunity to experiment with print.



As noted on the Pentagram blog: “The new issue returns to the original premise of creating a unique and enduring stage for dance, using great photography, powerful design and the beauty of high-quality printing.” Printed offset, the mag is housed in a clear sleeve and throughout the pages, the design plays with the effect of transparency of ink on the page.





The other super cool thing is the mag has totally moved with the times. Yes it’s available in print form, but the publishers have also experimented with different formats eg you can also purchase large scale posters with every issue, a custom mural for a wall and videos were created as well. So print and wide format too. Raddy McRad. The new issue of Dance Ink has a print run of only 500 copies and can be purchased online at





Thank you to Pentagram for allowing us to repost this story. We love your work! Get yourself over to their blog for a more in depth look at this issue of Dance Ink. It’s well worth it.