The Online Sustainability Platform Revolutionises Education & Collaboration in the Australian Market.

Zaidee Jackson, the National Business Development Manager of Sustainable Packaging and the driving force behind this initiative, expressed her pride as a distributor in providing a valuable resource that centers around sustainability and materiality in Australia.

With the recent release of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) review on the 2025 Targets, the need for proactive action and urgent decision-making by brands in this arena has become evident. The focus is now on driving education and supporting the packaging industry to ensure a sustainable future. Emphasising collective efforts and a shared economy of information, the platform aims to provide an information resource dedicated to sustainability so that targets and roadmaps can be achieved.

The newly launched educational resource offers an extensive range of podcasts, articles, research, and insights from industry experts, all aimed at reducing environmental impacts. It includes a comprehensive product index along with ecoaudit questions and answers to assist and collaborate with industries on their sustainable journeys.

On the launch day, three key associations – the Printing & Visual Communication Association (PVCA), Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), and The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) – came together for the first time. The event featured a panel of distinguished keynote speakers, including Kellie Northwood, Amber Bonney, Chris Foley, and Nerida Kelton (AIP), along with panelists John Bigley, CEO Zipform Packaging, Rowena Curlewis, CEO Denomination, Sally Williams, Founder Choice for Life and Asaf Weis, Managing Director Vacupack. The panel discussion, expertly moderated by industry media partner Lindy Hughson from PKN Packaging News, provided valuable insights and perspectives.

The event garnered extensive interest, attracting more than 300 guests from various locations worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, London, Finland, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, and India. Both in person attendance and livestream participation added to the event’s success.

As pioneers leading the conversation within the industry, ecoporium by Ball & Doggett have proudly renewed the exclusive media partnership with PKN Packaging News for the period of 2023-2024.

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