Elevate Your Printing with Ball & Doggett’s Megami Inks Partnership

In the field of LED-UV ink manufacturing, few names stand as tall as Megami Inks. Originating in Japan in 1928, Megami Inks boasts a longstanding tradition of providing state-of-the-art solutions that have garnered global recognition for their relentless pursuit of technological frontiers in UV, LED, Metallic and fluorescent ink manufacturing. Within Australia, the ongoing partnership between Ball & Doggett and Megami Inks is establishing a benchmark for innovation, quality, and success.

At the core of Megami Inks’ identity lies an unwavering commitment to quality. This commitment is particularly critical for high-volume printing businesses where ink quality directly impacts operational costs. Megami inks LED-UV, renowned for their efficiency and durability, lead to fewer ink changes, reduced waste, and extended machine life, providing substantial cost savings that accumulate over time.

An exceptional highlight within Megami’s range is the UV MEGACURE Series, which presents an array of Process and Pantone hues, along with metallic and fluorescent tones. Additionally, it includes both matte and gloss duct varnishes, which are available in HUV, LED, and UV series. Megami’s Metallics range is a triumph of Japanese technology, boasting a stabilized metallic surface that prevents oxidation, resulting in superior shine. The Megacure LED inks, shine with their remarkable half-tone dot vividness and transparency, producing printed materials of exceptional clarity. With a low tack property, they adapt well to diverse range of paper types, while its high scratch resistance and post-processing durability elevate its performance. The ink’s good adhesive properties enable printing on a select range of non-absorbent plastics and metallized paper.

The remarkable durability and versatility of Megami’s Megacure LED range of gold and silver metallic inks and coatings, excel in applications requiring enduring vibrancy, such as packaging, labels, and industrial prints. A key advantage of LED-UV inks lies in their rapid curing under light exposure, minimizing production time while boosting colour intensity and resistance properties.

The collaboration between Megami Inks and Ball & Doggett as the exclusive distributor of Megami’s comprehensive LED-UV ink collection stands as a testament to their joint dedication to excellence and innovation. Megami Inks’ focus on quality, affordability, and sustainability positions them as an ideal choice for businesses seeking value-driven solutions. With Megami’s cutting-edge technology and Ball & Doggett’s commitment to support, quality, and service, the union emerges as a beacon of premium products that empowers the Australian printing community to attain unparalleled levels of quality and efficiency. –  by Sam Varughese