100% Melbourne book

Title: 100% Melbourne book
Agency: Famous Visual Services (VIC)
Client: City of Melbourne
Stocks: Impact / Tablex – Textures
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC)

This little pearler is called the ‘100% Melbourne’ book. It’s beautifully designed (all 272 pages of it), with an enchanting story to match. A collaboration with Berlin theatre makers Rimini Protokol, the City of Melbourne and Famous Visual Services, the book reflects statistics from Melbourne city’s research department, contrasted with the story of each Melburnian. The 100 participants were also gathered together on stage to create a living breathing portrait of Melbourne. It was part theatre, part reality and of course ‘100% Melbourne’. Sounds like fun!


The cover is printed on Tablex Freckles 280gsm and the text is on Impact 80gsm. We’re really impressed with the use of Tablex Freckles. It has to be one of the best examples we have seen in ages. Impact 80gsm was chosen for its flickability, minimum show through and great environmental credentials. The A6 format ensured the book could be easily carried home after the show. Just the right size to stash in your hand/man bag isn’t it? On the flip side, Famous Visual Services needed the outcome to be robust so they used Tablex Freckles 280gsm for its bookish texture and durability.

This book shows the importance of great digestable design. The aesthetic Famous Visual Services developed for the book highlights the contrast between the formal language of data and passports as well as the informal visual style of hand writing and casual portrait photography.

Dom Forde from Famous Visual Services shared some production insights with us: “A consistent colour treatment was added to every image to soften the hard edge of the digital shots. The colour palette was an important part of the identity and the stock chosen added the same tactile quality we were after. We used a rich black on the Tablex cover which handled that well and held the detail of our illustration really well.” This lovely little Melbourne treasure was finished off with some section sewing and bevelled edges.

Now that the team has had a taste of book binding, they’re considering some more lengthy publication projects.