The Sub Divide, a collective of beautiful print

In 2016, we got to be a part of something pretty spesh when it comes to the world of paper and print. The culmination was the limited edition book The Sub Divide. It’s part print, part art and a whole lot of beauty. A curated resource celebrating a selection of 30 highly regarded photographers – recommended by and for, the creative industry. The publication has been developed by a collective of specialists dedicated to their craft.

(Most of the content from this blog post first appeared in Issue 11 of GSM Magazine).

The Sub Divide is an exquisite printed resource developed through the pillars of inspiration, experimentation, collaboration and celebration. It also celebrates craftsmanship. With a unique collaborative approach to production, this resource came to life through the dedication and expertise of some very committed individuals. The project started with a simple conversation between John Wanless Director at Bambra Press and one of staff after they saw printed test sheets of photographic material lying on Bambra’s press room floor. Grosz Co. Lab’s Creative Directors, Ben Grosz and Laura Camilleri then became involved by developing the concept and curating the collection of photographic works which the book showcases. Their efforts were none other than extraordinary!


The collective behind this project comprised includes:

> Bambra Press for Initial concept and delivering exceptional print.
> Grosz Co. Lab for the development and curation of the publication through intelligent, articulated design.
> Huber Inks for the supply of the Pacifica Inks and also specialist guidance on technical advice during the process, supplied by Ball & Doggett.
> The Bindery for the development and production of the unique featured binding techniques.
> Avon Graphics for the production and expertise in embellishments and foiling.
> Foldercorp for the production of the sleeve.
> Cartonlux for laminating the stock for the sleeve.
> Nordale Graphics/Wibelin for the binding techniques.

And yours truly for the supply of paper (visit our existing websites until the Ball & Doggett one is live).

The technical challenges

Such a complex print project presents many technical challenges. A key driver to the success of the publication was the extensive research and development phase. This included a series of mock-ups created by our Designline team in VIC that enabled dialogue with everyone involved. Creating a mock-up although it doesn’t have any print is a key step in any major print project and can save a lot of time and ensure the end product is exactly what you want.


One of the specific technical challenges presented, was the unique bind which creates both an interesting aesthetic experience and is also unusual in placing the index containing the details of the featured photographers in the middle of the book. The bind solution was developed by Ian Leckie, operations manager at The Bindery.


The slipcase (1) uses Colorplan Cool Grey 270gsm stock which has been custom diecut, folded and hand-glued, then duplex laminated to Colorplan Pristine White 270gsm. The embellishment across the slipcase features foiling by Avon Graphics with an API Foil (2004 / CL Clear Rainbow).


The bind design (2 + 3) uses a unique concertina fold to connect the two sections of the book together. The cover uses 350gsm Colorplan Cool Grey stock, on which a range of tactile embellishments have been employed including a multi-level emboss using a hand-carved sculpted die on the front cover (3), and on the back cover (4) a blind press using a foil stamping die without the counter die.

The inside front and back cover (5 & 6) use an API Foil (2004 / CL Clear Rainbow), and the spines and concertina fold (7) employ a blind deboss and foil. The index (8) is cleverly positioned at the centre of the book to make maximum use of the extra real-estate allowed by the open concertina fold, and was foiled using a blue metallic foil.


> The internal text pages of The Sub Divide were printed by the team at Bambra Press in CMYK, using Pacifica Inks throughout, on a Heidelberg XL75 12P
+ Aqueous Coater using Fuji Film CTP Processless Plates. Various screen rulings (specifically developed by Bambra Press) were selected to ensure the best possible result across each section of the book.

After 15 months of development from concept to production, The Sub Divide was officially launched in October 2016. A testament to the quality of the finished product, Grosz Co. Lab were recipients of a gold medal in the Print/Design Category at the recent 34th Annual National Print Awards.

For a more information on the production methods used in the project visit

Please direct any queries about The Sub Divide to Zaidee Jackson, Business Development Manager via

The Sub Divide featured photographers

The Sub Divide features the work of 30 highly regarded Australian photographers. Published together for the first time, the photographers responded to catergorisations divided into two groupings. The first, a commercial response to ‘people’, ‘place’ and ‘pieces’. And the second category was a response to ‘passion’, exploring the photographer’s personal connection, depicted through their lens.

> Amanda Austin //
> Andrew Curtis //
> Anna Pogossova //
> Ben Glezer //
> Ben King //
> Bonnie Savage //
> Brooke Holm //
> Cecille David //
> Christian Blanchard //
> David Rosendale //
> Derek Swalwell //
> Dieu Tan //
> Eve Wilson //
> Foliolio //
> Fraser Marsden //
> Heather Dinas //
> Ingvar Kenne //
> Isamu Sawa //
> James Geer //
> Jamie Macfadyen //
> Jeremy Blincoe //
> Justin Ridler //
> Lynton Crabb //
> Mark Lobo //
> Peter Bennetts //
> Peter Greig //
> Shannon Mcgrath //
> Tim Jones //
> Toby Scott //
> Zoe Economides //

This article was originally published in GSM Magazine, created by BJ Ball New Zealand.