Maine Recycled 2015 campaign ‘capturing beauty’, by Thursday Design.

Title: Capturing beauty.
Thursday Design (NSW).
Maine Recycled Silk 150gsm (brochure) and 350gsm postcard.
Printing specs: Offset, CMYK, drytrap gloss varnish, PMS877 and all over satin varnish.
Printed by: Oxygen (NSW).

This is the third incarnation of the ‘Maine girl’ and quite possibly our favourite. We’ve worked with Thursday Design in NSW and Christopher Nielsen for many years on the Maine Recycled campaigns and we love the chance to collaborate with them. This year’s added bonus of a Paris map, showing some of the Maine girl’s stops in her daily travels, is an absolute, hands down winner.

‘Capturing beauty’ is the tagline for this year, following on from ‘A beautiful journey’ and ‘A natural beauty’. In 2015 our aim was to bring attention back to Maine Recycled’s fantastic environmental credentials.

The tagline ‘Capturing beauty’ stands for many things, whether it’s capturing beauty in the world, every day moments in Paris as the Maine girl cycles around with her trusty French bulldog in tow. It also represents the print qualities of Maine Recycled, a bright white sheet that captures colours beautifully.

Maine Recycled has a truly amazing environmental story to tell. It’s made with 60% FSC certified recycled fibre which is all post consumer waste and it’s also certified carbon neutral. The French mill that makes the sheet is conscious of its community, reducing its environmental footprint each year.

Rather than tricking up the promotion, we wanted to show how the paper prints with CMYK which is how most people are going to use it. To demonstrate how it handles embellishments we added a silver PMS 877 on the inside covers and a drytrap varnish on two pages. More on drytrap as a technique below.

Drytrap varnish technique
This technique involves printing the coloured inks first then allowing the paper to dry before going back through the press to print the varnish. Doing this provides better hold out and less absorption of the varnish into the ink. It can be executed by any printer as it only requires a standard varnish plate. We used two hits of the varnish on the Silk stock for extra oomph. On a Gloss stock, you’d probably only need one hit. It’s a good technique to use for art catalogues, high end property jobs or appliance catalogues when you want to life an image off the page. And it’s not very expensive either.

Carbon offset program
Maine Recycled has a new carbon offset program, the Acre Amazonian REDD+ project in Brazil. You can watch the video on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to the following people for their reportage style photographs! We loved seeing Paris through your eyes. In no particular order: Elisa Balaresque, Sean Conaty, Catherine Doggett, Georgia Hopkins.

For any further information on the promotion, speak to your trusty paper specialist.






This is the drytrap technique.  It comes up as a subtle watermark effect here.