Queensland Sugar Limited corporate brochure

Title: QSL Corporate Brochure
Agency: Lloyd Grey Design
Client: Queensland Sugar Limited
Stocks: Cambric Linen
Printed by: Inprint Limited (Brisbane)

They say success is sweet. So most days at Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL) must be pretty good then! QSL is an Australian marketing and logistics company based in Brisbane, responsible for the marketing of the majority of bulk raw sugar exports produced in Queensland. Lloyd Grey Design have been working with QSL since 2009 to redesign their identity, build brand equity and the QSL brand experience. Last year, QSL approached them to come up with a high quality corporate brochure to further position them as the leading raw sugar marketer in Asia.


Ok, so sometimes we read ‘corporate brochure’ and think bo-ring. But not this time. Lloyd Grey Design went down the unconventional route with this one. The brochure needed to appeal to international customers and trade houses and showcase QSL’s expertise and innovation. The brochure has 24 pages and the eight page cover has two internal sections (each containing eight pages), which were collated and saddle stitched into the gatefold cover. They combined a memorable design with feature photography, key messages and relevant diagrams and there you have it, a corporate brochure minus the boring factor. Not surprising then that the brochure created quite the impression during face-to-face meetings.

The brochure was printed on Cambric Linen Arctic 271gsm/118gsm in 4 colour process plus PMS 7497u, featuring a white pearlised foil on the front cover. Here’s a neat story about why Lloyd Grey Design chose the stock. “We thought it was well suited to QSL as it shares strong symbolism with what forms the basis of QSL’s business – sugar cane. Like the cane, Cambric Linen is fibrous and has a natural, textured feel, without overwhelming the design. We felt the pearl foil contrasted with the paper texture for a beautiful finish.” Like we always say, there is a paper to match every occasion!



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