Paul Robertson’s business cards

Title: Paul Robertson’s business cards Agency: Harmonica (QLD) Client: Paul Robertson Stocks: Keaykolour Original Printed by: Gold Coast Foil Printers (QLD) Paul Robertson is an award winning architect from the Gold Coast. He’s also a creative, laid-back surfer (who lives on a boat) and is very modest about the beautiful structures he creates. Thanks to a local studio named Harmonica, made-up of long term friends Rachel Smith and Kate Moloney, some very classy business cards have been created using Keaykolour Jet Black. The cards appealed to Paul’s understated style and arrived just in time as he was jetting off on a whirlwind trip to Spain. Adios Amigo!


In designing Paul’s business cards, Harmonica had to walk a fine line between corporate, casual and creative without appearing too flash or in their words ‘without all the bedazzle’. To Rachel and Kate, using Keaykolour was an obvious choice having worked with the stock before. Kate tells us: “We knew the standard of finish we wanted to achieve and instantly knew that Jet Black would fit the bill for our black card dreams and desires.” Gold Coast Foil Printers in Queensland helped them out with foil selections which the Harmonica team said was invaluable. They’re big supporters of using on shore services (just quietly, so are we!) even if it means the price is higher. Harmonica’s advice: “Support local suppliers and talk to them if you don’t understand anything. Old school service is the way forward.” It also meant they could get the job done yesterday. The black gloss foil combined with the heavy 400gsm stock created the perfect balance of contrast and discretion. The result is a sophisticated and simple design and we’re guessing the Spanish like them too. Olé! We have to say, studios like Harmonica are yet another example of the amazing creative coming out of the Sunshine State. Kate commented on the fact there are heaps of rad designers, illustrators, photographers and web gurus right in their backyard. We definitely agree. Projects designed by Queensland agencies are coming across our desk in a steady stream and we’re continuously impressed with what we see. You can also check Harmonica out on their Facebook page.