dmzine: Design Management Online

If you haven’t checked out the dmzine website lately (or ever), take some time and explore it. It’s full of great content for a design studio employee or owner, brought to you by Carol Mackay and Greg Branson, principals of Mackay Branson, an independent design studio based in Melbourne. We love this site, particularly for its excellent print production articles, which include such things as greenwashing, why do a press check, what paper costs, and this particular article is all about stochastic screening.

Carol and Greg set up Mackay Branson design in 1984. This innovative and business-savvy duo have often faced a common problem, which was getting their clients to take design seriously. They believe that in part, this is because not all designers are as good at business as they are at design. That designers work in their business but not on the business. To overcome this, dmzine has now published a range of eTutorials through the Design Business Council. Design is part of our community and dmzine is a chance for Carol and Greg to give a little back.

Together, Carol and Greg have gained a great deal of knowledge during the past 25 years about running a design practice. dmzine is about sharing this knowledge. Outside of Mackay Branson design, Greg is also an influential member of the Australian design community with involvement at VCE, TAFE and university levels. He is currently the CEO of the Design Business Council – an organisation that promotes the use of design in business.