Cavalier Courage – a beer with a cause

Title: Cavalier Courage print collateral
Agency: Bird Design (VIC)
Client: Cavalier Courage (VIC)
Stocks: Knight Digital – Indigo
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC)

Bird Design from Melbourne have created a campaign for Cavalier Courage, a boutique beer developed to raise awareness and funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Their job was to bring the myth of Sisyphus to life. They used Knight Digital – Indigo for the campaign and we have to say, the collateral sure is striking and inspiring and the story behind its creation even more so.


During an epiphany, Ian Davis, a doctor who suffers from MND, was inspired to make a difference. He contacted the team at Cavalier Brewing for their expertise and chose the name Cavalier Courage. It was Albert Camus’ essay on the king that touched Ian. He felt the story reflects the struggle MND patients go through. Sisyphus is about a king condemed to the underworld. His punishment was to push a boulder up a hill, only to have it roll down again when he reached the top.

Bird Design built on this powerful message, creating a bright and hopeful design printed digitally across a perforated brochure (270gsm) so the message can be shared as a postcard, A3 poster (160gsm) and beer coasters (325gsm). If you take a closer look at the design, there’s a play on the words ‘courage’ and ‘cure’.  Bubbles represent the beer and you can see the stress and weight of the boulder Sisyphus is holding through the slanted ‘U’. The dramatic rays of sunshine that don’t quite cover the entire page show us there’s much more to do in finding a cure.

Tight production and budget deadlines and the aim to produce quality work led the boys to use Knight Digital – Indigo. Luke Carson from Bird Design: “The quality of finish achieved was fantastic. The paper is a nice sharp white, feels good, but most importantly the print result is sharp and the colours bright. Matching PMS colours with the Indigo press on Knight Digital – Indigo was very accurate too.”

What started out as an exciting and rewarding project for for Bird Design turned into a passion which they hope will contribute to the beer’s success. To find out how you can help make the beer a success too, visit the website for the low down.