Ashleigh Abbott stationery and prints

Title: The Story, Love Birds Part 001
Agency: Ashleigh Abbott, The Creative Collective (SA)
Stocks: Envirocare 100% Recycled
Printed by: TK Print (SA)

We’re completely taken aback by the enthusiasm Ashleigh Abbott from the The Creative Collective, shows for her craft. The young lass, even over email, is bursting with creativity, excitement and love – a word she uses liberally and who can blame her? Spread the love we say! Ashleigh’s latest range of gift cards and prints is a wonderfully colourful, crisp, modern and geometric interpretatiosn of birds titled: ‘The Story, Love Birds Part 001’ which are all printed on Envirocare 100% Recycled.


To sum it up, Ashleigh’s first series takes cues from messages of L-O-V-E. Whether it’s everyday love, emotions, friendships, good old fashioned romance (she’s even picked up love poems in vintage stores that have inspired her work), past love and what she dreams love to be in her future and the promise and spark of new relationships even. Her wish?  For today’s society to express love with pride and clarity. For people to be kinder, to celebrate love and make sure their lives are full of care and sweet times every day. “Why not!” She says. “It’s amazing!”

Ashleigh was tipped off by Brenton, one of our fabulous paper specialists, to the qualities of Envirocare 100% Recycled and she’s completely in love with it – the quality, feel, texture and print result. Having used offset printing for the gift card packs/packaging and digital for the single cards and prints, she was excited by the result. Ashleigh made a smart move by considering how the paper would complement her designs. “I use a lot of solid colour, straight lines and bold geometric shapes and the warm, neutral white of Envirocare 100% Recycled softened the overall feel.”

Ashleigh describes her work as embodying the quintessence of joy and elation. And with her unabashed love of all things colour, nature, life and love, it’s no surprise her first series is a distinct reflection of this. An insight into Ashleigh’s actual world better explains the use of so much colour in her work: “I look at the world as if through a kaleidoscope and reassemble the colourful pieces I see and feel into creations that celebrate happiness, connection and new possibilities.” Not bad hey?!

Ashleigh uses other styles that involve using pencils, paints, found objects and other mediums, which means one thing – we can’t wait to see your second series! Check out Ashleigh’s official Facebook page for all the latest goss and to get your mitts on this delightful series.