Kloke’s autum/winter Collection 2013

Agency: Three60
Client: Kloke
Stocks: Strathmore Premium Super Smooth
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC)

Adam and Amy Coombes share a common passion – they both love fashion and each other! In 2011, this driven and creative couple started Kloke, a Melbourne based clothing label that produces technical garments and tailored detail. Recently, Three60 produced printed piece showcasing Kloke’s Autumn/Winter collection, calling it ‘Dissimulate’.

The A5, 32pp book references the spirit of the brand as a functional and detailed piece. Printed on Strathmore Super Smooth, 352gsm the book is pad bound (also known as cheesecloth). This is where the glue is dyed and the colour is visible on the spine. It also means it can be opened flat for spreads or taken apart and used as individual cards. Printed CMYK plus PMS 172U, we think the PMS has come up a treat, really punchy and rich. Makes buying something even more enticing. Not that we need an excuse.