A glowing result for PointofView

Title: A lighting design PointofView
Agency: Liquorice Studio (VIC)
Client: PointofView
Stocks: HannoArt – Satin
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC)

This beautiful, show stopping, magnificently crafted book was created for PointofView, a design consultancy who specialise in lighting design, audio visual and theatre systems design. Liquorice Studio in Melbourne are the creators of the book which showcases 10 years of the lighting company’s amazing catalogue of past works. The result is luminous (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves with that one).


Liquorice Studio took inspiration from PointofView’s current logo which incorporates a circle motif. They built on the concept of a viewpoint, using light and shadow to create imagery. They had some fun experimenting with angles, focus, light densities and surfaces – which all created a suite of different effects. This is also the method they used to develop a typographic image for each chapter heading.

The finished book is 324 pages and printed on HannoArt. The cover is on 150gsm over an 1800um board weight and the text pages are on 130gsm. “We were drawn to HannoArt for its smooth finish and reliable print quality. We also felt that its bright white colour was perfectly suited for a book about lighting design. We were very impressed with the crisp detail and the rich depth of colour in all the high quality images.”

A special edition ‘glowing’ slip case was developed and the book title laser etched, to align with the printed cover. Pretty cool huh?! We certainly think so!