Bird self promotional posters

Title: Bird promotional posters
Agency: Bird Studios
Client: Self-promotion
Stocks: Keaykolour Original
Printed by: Taylor’d Press (VIC) and foil by Lorimier (VIC)

Let us share with you the excitement that filled the office when one of our much loved paper specialists came into work with the eye catching Bird A3 self-promotional posters. ‘I can choose from four colours?’ people exclaimed. ‘But I like all of them!’ was the common response. Each poster features hand drawn and vector illustrations and a unique fluorescent colour (pink, yellow, green, red) topped off with silver metallic foil. A true project of experimentation which had our paper sensibilities going c-r-a-z-y.


Printed on Keaykolour Original Pure White 120gsm, which for Bird was an economical choice and great feel for a 120gsm paper. Also handy as they sent some out in the post in A5 format so the piece needed to fold down well. Each illustration varies in method and combines individual design elements such as spray paint, brush and ink, pen illustration and computer generated shapes. Experimentation is evident with things like the beautiful abstract bird illustration and typographic elements that creates a piece with energy and beauty.

Bird offset printed the posters using two colours, black and also separate fluorescents for each poster. Luke Carson from Bird mentioned: “We hit the fluorescent colours twice and the black once. The result was an even flat black and really punchy fluorescent colour that lifted off the paper. Further enhancing this was a matte spot varnish on the black and a gloss spot vanish on the fluoros.” Safe to say, we likey.