Poppy Calhoun collateral

Title: Poppy Calhoun stationery project
Stocks: Buffalo Board / Buffalo Kraft
Printed by: Print Corner (VIC) – A4 folio covers

Poppy Calhoun (whose name we just love) recently completed a project as part of her diploma of graphic design at Swinburne University. The items included a mini folio, CV, business card, letter head and envelopes. See above for a winning example of creating something eye catching on a minimal budget that looks amazing and reflects individual personality. Score.


Choosing Buffalo Board 332gsm was a point of difference for Poppy for both textural and environmental reasons. Combining this with a custom made stamp (from Simon Stamps in the USA) provided texture and personality and just the right amount of home made feel. She even stamped and hand cut all of her business cards and other branded pieces herself. She printed the letterhead on her home inkjet on the Buffalo Kraft 80gsm, used her local printer for the A4 folio covers which are printed in black and white, then hand stitched the binding using red thread.

A lot of work yes, but Poppy has clearly put her heart into this little suite of design goodness that we’re chuffed she’s used our stock for.