‘The Spark’ – making the most of your potential

The Spark – Volume One is a publication dedicated to 12 everyday Australians, each with their own individual and inspiring story.

Matt Cowan, Director of Cowan and Partners (the founder of Story Nation), Garth Lidbetter (the creative director), Jeremy Shaw (the photographer) are all behind this beautiful book about a collective of writers, photographers and designers. Their aim – to present powerful stories with a positive social impact. Garth told us: “The idea was to present individuals who have become quite successful in their own right, (but were not yet household names) and bring out the key ‘ah-ha’ moments where they discovered their passion, what they were going to pursue and then going and doing it.”

Only 1000 copies of this limited edition publication were printed, which allowed Garth to put time into each and every book. Printed on Knight Smooth 120gsm, Tablex Salmon 300gsm and Tablex Grey 300gsm, all 1000 of them were individually numbered. Garth felt that with such personal stories in the book, the touch and feel of uncoated stocks fitted best. The Spark logo on the front cover is a big, bold emboss complemented by a pop of colour. He, himself stamped orange paint (mixed with a gloss varnish) over the top with a laser etched stamp. Brilliant result!

“A lot of time went into thinking about the presentation, with the paper band allowing us to highlight the charities and also make a point of the limited edition nature of the book. The black envelope gives the book protection against wear and tear, but also gives a strong presentation and introduction to the book from Story Nation.”

All proceeds of The Spark book sales will be donated to the following charities: Coffee Kids, Love Mercy Foundation, OzHarvest and WorldShare. The Spark series will continue with more Australians who are committed to following their passions and revealing what first led them there.