Online ordering is here!

If you’re an existing account customer and haven’t signed up to our online ordering system yet, please log in here and register your details. Our e-commerce system means you can now place an order online, anytime of the day or night. You can even save your favourite orders for quick and easy re-ordering. We created this system to complement our traditional channels like phone, fax and email. And of course, you can always call your dedicated account manager too.

We’ll soon release an option for you to customise your very own electronic price book. The online version will allow you to raise purchase orders even quicker by uploading the prices into your own system. We’ll let you know when it’s officially released. Not long to go now!


Two of our customers that frequently use our online ordering portal had this to say about it:

Scott Telfer, Oxygen: “I find the system very easy to use. The fact that I can use it after hours is of great benefit to me as I often do my paperwork after 6pm or before 7am.  It’s also handy receiving the confirmation email which is reassuring, as I know my order has been processed and is on its way.”

Peter Hawkins, Russell Carr Paper: “E-commerce is the way of the future. We believe it is faster, more accurate and cheaper for the user. The first phase of e-commerce has been impressively successful and will only improve with time, a little like the first mobile phone! Clients willing to familiarise and master e-commerce will move into the new world of business, those that don’t or won’t will be left behind. We’ve found K.W.Doggett’s first generation of e-commerce to be ground breaking and eagerly await their next version to see if they can maintain the advantage.”

We always welcome any feedback on the system and look forward to servicing your paper needs online.