M is for monograph, James Money’s, by Studio Constantine

Title: James Money Monograph Agency: Studio Constantine (VIC) Client: James Money, Artist Stocks: Kaskad Sparrow Grey, Grange Offset, HannoArt Satin Printing specs: Offset printed, Pantone 871 and duotone Printed by: Adams Print (VIC) So many songs and puns we’d like to share about ‘money’ right now but alas, it’s not the point of this post. We refer here to James Money, an accomplished Australian artist and Archibald finalist. To launch into the Hong Kong art market during Art Basel/HK 2014, he collaborated with Studio Constantine to create a limited edition monograph of his work. The outcome is this simple and elegant A5 piece printed on Kaskad Sparrow Grey, Grange Offset and HannoArt Satin. Constantine_1 Constantine_2 Money (we just have to keep using his surname, it’s so great!) is an award winning artist. He works in both portraiture and landscape, exploring themes of isolation. His work appears in private collections around Australia and New York. Studio Constantine worked on all the stages – planning, documenting, editing and production. As David Constantine explains, they were keen to: “Use a format that led readers through the work and articulated the different genres. The layout and typography was deliberately restrained, although quietly assertive in scale.” Constantine_3 Constantine_4 So we now have this little A5 beauty to feast our eyes on. A double-spined, concertina fold cover printed with Pantone 871 on the Kaskad with two different text paper stocks – a coated sheet for the painted work (HannoArt Satin) and an uncoated sheet (Grange Offset) with a custom duotone for James’ pen and ink drawings. Dee-lightful. Documentary images by SC & Flore Diamant. Constantine_5