Meet Peter Hansen, our corporate business development manager

We want to start introducing you to the people behind the paper.  Many of you may not know Peter Hansen aka the rockstar.  He’s a lovable, hard working guy who is well known for wearing extremely bright socks!  He likes his rice white, he’s a mad boxer and our business development manager servicing the corporate sector.  We took some time to sit down with Pete and find out what happens in a ‘day in the life of a rockstar’? We didn’t edit anything he said. Enjoy.

How many years have you worked in the paper industry?
Eighteen. I started working at Spicers, calling on the printers then ended up back selling and calling on the designers and ad agencies.

How many years have you worked at Doggett’s?
Nine. I’m based in the Victorian office but I work around Australia.

What does a day in the life of Pete Hansen look like?
I get in very early, like 7:30am and make appointments for the following week, so I’m always working a week ahead. I go out and discuss new products with my customers, go over their jobs. I discuss applications of our current papers that might suit what they’re doing and generally become part of their decision making when it comes to stock selection. My motto is I don’t have to win every order, but I want to get every phone call to have the opportunity to win every order. This makes me focus not just on sales, but education. Whether it be paper, printing or the environment.

I work mainly with the print managers who service big clients in the telecommunications, FMCG, property and retail sectors as well as advertising agencies.

I might get some rice for lunch.  I always have three apples in the car.

My main tool is my mobile phone which I am on the whole time in between visits.  I don’t listen to the radio. Instead I spend time speaking to my clients as this gives me a good opportunity to discuss upcoming jobs.

I take my iPad into client visits and show them certain jobs we have on our blog or pages on our website they may need to know about. The iPad is great.  Easy for us older blokes.

I also have clients I see in Melbourne who I go and visit in the other states such as  the Herald and Weekly Times. I also travel interstate and go out on the road with my colleagues. I go see the corporates, ad agencies and print management companies in other states. Quite a few of these have a national focus so it makes sense for these clients to have a national contact who can discuss their needs in each state.

How has the industry changed since you’ve been working in it?
The print management companies can play a critical role in the decision making process of a print job. In our case they look to us to provide advice on appropriate paper stocks for print jobs. Along with corporates, print managers are who I predominately spend my time servicing, showcasing and educating our broad product range.

What has also changed is the turnaround time for delivering stock. Customers require outcomes quicker than they did 10 years ago. For example, a phone call comes in at 9am and the printer needs it delivered tomorrow. Used to be about a week turnaround.

And new stocks and applications – there are so many more now. What I am talking about today is not what I was talking about 10 years ago.  It used to be all about offset papers. Now we’re talking digital, synthetics or wide format as well as everything else.

What do you love most about your job?
I love it because of where I work and the relationships I have built over the years. I make sure I grow them. When all things are equal, the relationship will win the order so for me it’s crucial I spend time making sure my customers receive what they need and want. I am their problem solver and also provide the solutions.

What do people at Doggett’s know you for?
They know me for being in their faces. What I mean is, if I need something, I’ll go out and get the answer and hopefully come up with the appropriate solution. I don’t just sit back. I find what I need. And that I am great with my clients. I do what I am paid for.

What are some things you do outside of work that you love?
Boxing, weights (as you can see). I also play in a 60s/70s cover band and I like to go see other bands in my spare time. I’m going to see one tonight at the Cherry Tree.

If you want to contact Peter yourself email him here He’d love to talk paper, boxing or rice with you.