Limited edition prints by Liesbeth Thie from Two Tone Design

Title: Limited edition prints by Liesbeth Thie from Two Tone Design
Stocks: Knight Vellum 
Printing specs: Screen printed
Printed by: Cosmic Screenprinting QLD

Everyone digs something limited edition. It makes the item all the more special. This lovely range of prints are just that. Graphic designer Liesbeth Thie from Two Tone Design has created some limited edition prints that capture the cosmopolitan Brisbane suburb of Teneriffe, showcasing her love of architecture, history and design with a modern Brisbane flavour.

Her original line drawing has been screen printed in a range of colours on Knight Vellum White 280gsm. Liesbeth shares: “The bright white paper has a crisp finish which was important for positioning the prints as a premium product. I chose to screen print the artwork as it creates a great raised effect in the line work and adds a hand-made touch to the range.”

The prints are the first in what Liesbeth hopes will become a series of beautifully designed and printed keepsakes promoting the city she grew up in and still calls home. You can get your paws on some via or New Farm Editions in Brisbane, as well as the Museum of Brisbane shop in City Hall.