Curious Collection A5 promo

Title: Curious Collection A5 promo
Agency: Three60 (VIC). Photography by Justin Cooper. 
Stocks: Skin Curious Collection, Skin Curious Collection Digital, Curious Metallics
Printing specs: Digitally printed plus embellishments
Printed by: Foiled cards: Apex Goldstamping (VIC). NexPress Gold and belly band: Impact Digital (VIC). HP Indigo card: Clarke Murphy Print (NSW). Spot UV: Avon Graphics (VIC).

Our new promo showcases a stunning set of images on Skin Curious Collection and Curious Metallics. The images complement the Skin campaign from 2013. You may remember the original promotion with the haunting images of a man covered in a kaleidoscope of coloured paint. If not, visit the story here.

The shots are the hero, then there’s the paper and the awesome art direction from Three60 which means we got to collaborate on another exciting campaign. As Dellano shared with us: “Our concept explored the notion of regeneration. Our idea was to find a way to express shedding the old to make way for the new [imagery]. Like a snake putting on its new suit, we treated the image to look like the paper surface was the outer layer, slowly peeling and cracking away to reveal a shiny new surface that lies beneath.”

To give this year’s images just as much love, we used a mix of papers. After playing around with the stocks we discovered the suite of complementary colours in the Metallics and Skin ranges. We wanted something paired back, sophisticated and shades that worked well with the designs. Often, people use Curious Metallics for wedding invites but we had hoped that mixing up some of the stocks would show the kind of results you can get. So a bit more of a sophisticated colour palette with a dash of sparkle.


Check out the detail in those foiled images. Crazy. Critical to being able to achieve this result was the capacity to transform a full tonal range into a bitmap image which could be foiled. As Dellano further explains: “This was largely a process of knowing exactly what we wanted the end result to look like. We worked closely with our photographer to ensure our model would be lit appropriately to allow the tonal shift we needed in post production, without compromising the quality of light rendered once the image was converted to a bitmap format. However, no matter how much planning goes into creating these images, there is always a healthy amount of trial and error when it comes down to the final stages of tweaking in Photoshop.”

The Skin Stone and Curious Metallics Nude cards are a great example of having the embellishment really complement the stock while showcasing the design. We ran the cards through twice, same image, which resulted in a more solid look and a shinier finish. It was ok with one hit as well but we decided to go with two. The pressure was the same second run. The detail in the artwork also made a difference, as did the person making the plate. True craftsmen/women.

The dark blue card features a rad print technique called NexPress Gold. We recently wrote an article about it. If and when a silver version gets released we’re sure it will be just as popular. It only takes one hit of the Gold Dry Ink to get this effect. We did have to consider the FSC logo but and the very small font size but it all turned out aok.

Curious Collection papers are suitable for all kinds of jobs. Think offset, digital and letterpress printing as well as embellishments like foil and screen printing. The darker Skin colours look great with some white ink and the lighter colours in both ranges come up really well with CMYK printing. Applications include menus, luxury packaging, invitations, fashion labels, presentation folders, covers for publications and business cards. Both ranges are exclusive to us, the fine paper people and can be enjoyed by you, anytime you want some tactility in your life.

Card one: Skin Dark Blue 270gsm, UV spot gloss varnish (front), Dry Toner NexPress Gold Dry Ink (back).
Card two: Skin Stone 270gsm, Milford Astor Gloss Black Foil.
Card three: Skin Digital Extra White 270gsm, HP Indigo CMYK.
Card four: Curious Metallics Nude 300gsm, Milford Astor Pink/Copper foil.
Belly band: Curious Metallics Cognac 120gsm, Dry Toner CMYK.

Our paper specialists and account managers are coming around to see you soon with your own copy. Enjoy!