Choosing paper by colour just got easy.

Paper and computer screens are not friends when it comes to choosing the right paper. There’s nothing like having the real deal in your hands. Soooo to help you out, we’ve created a colour wall which will give you a pretty accurate look and help you find the right shade.

There are over 200 hues to choose from and a high res photo for each paper. The textured papers have come up particularly well. Just click on the image and you can download the paper to your artwork to see how it will look when printed.

The colour wall in all its glory can be found in the ‘Our resources’ section of the website. And when you’re browsing for papers in the ‘Our range’ section, you can click on the ‘View’ button to see a photo of the stock. When you’re ready to order a sample, call your local samples team or send them a request via the world wide interweb. Enjoy!