A surprise package for your ah-hum, package.

Agency: Knobby Men’s Underwear
Designer: Rob Rand
Buffalo Board 332gsm/610UMS
Printed by: Platypus Graphics Brisbane and Limehouse Press. All in QLD.
Printing specs: Offset printed.

Knobby Men’s underwear you can only get by subscription. What a concept! Started by Rob Rand, a man who harboured a quiet hatred for poorly made, over priced undies that lacked imagination (plus he really didn’t like going to the shops). If you don’t like something, change it right? Fast forward to present day and the Knobby brand is growing in leaps and bounds with thousands of members worldwide.

So what’s makes these undies so great? Well, the swanky packaging for one! Printed offset on Buffalo Board 332gsm/610UMS by Platypus Graphics (QLD), Buffalo Board is an ideal choice for packaging plus it’s extra strong, durable and made from natural kraft fibres that are fully recyclable. The new subscribers welcome card is printed on Buffalo Board too, by Limehouse Press. And most importantly, each pair of briefs is made to breathe, quick dry and stay put (no wedgies or riding up to see here). And they look pretty damn nice too.

Keen to wear a Knobby? Firstly, become a member and each month for a small fee of $20 you’ll receive a new pair of limited edition undies direct to your door, no delivery fees, no hassle. You’ll never get the same print twice, so every time you open the box you get: ‘A surprise package. For your package’. Is that not the best tag line ever?!

Based in Queensland and shipping worldwide every day, Knobby men can be rest assured there’s no more shopping or running out of undies. Oh, and there’s a female line launching next year for the ladies. Bonus.