Ken Doggett is officially famous!

This year, two of Ken’s long time swimming buddies Alan Haintz and Peter Dwyer decided to write a story about Ken Doggett and the creation of K.W.Doggett Fine Paper, thinking it would make a good yarn. And so it did. They set about putting pen to paper and documented the story in their book: A dog’s tale. A timely release with our company turning 40 (that’s 280 dog years), this year.

It has lots of great old photos of Ken starting out at the Wiggins Teape Shoalhaven mill. Think lots of men wearing ties, short sleeve shirts and 50s style thick rimmed spectacles (sounds like a Fitzroy hipster!). The journey then moves through to Ken starting the Doggett business, the expansion to bigger warehouses, family members joining and runs right up to the present day trading. It highlights a bit of family history and gives a glimpse into how the paper industry has changed too.

Among the array of rich content, quotes and interviews with key people within and outside the business, a common thread is clear. Ken, John and the second generation of Doggett’s currently working in the business are regarded as being extremely generous, genuine, respectful and they’re very much admired. The Doggett’s have built a business that has become so much more than just a place to work.

The book is bit of an inside job, but if you’re interested in reading the tale, we’d be happy to send out copies of the book to you. Email: with your name and address details.



This photo was taken around 48 years ago at the Shoalhaven Mill during a sales reps conference.


Pictured above: The young Ken Doggett.



Pictured above: Ken Doggett and his wife Christine.



Pictured above: The Doggett family celebrating 30 years in the business.