‘Strength and Beauty’ Knight Promotion 2016.

Title: Knight campaign 2016 ‘Strength and Beauty’.

Agency: Three60 (VIC).
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper.
Stocks: Knight Vellum / Knight Textures – Hammer / Knight Smooth White / Knight Smooth – Cream
Print specs: Dust jacket, cover, text, x4 postcards.

Dust jacket: Knight Vellum 100gsm.
• 6 colour printed Dust Jacket in one pass on Heidelberg A1 press
• Conventional offset
• 2 spot colours are Pantone Purple and PMS 375
• The rest of the channels in the artwork are process CMYK.
• We swapped out the standard process colours for more vibrant options of:

– Swapped process cyan for ‘Process Blue’
– Swapped process magenta for ‘Rubine red
– Swapped process yellow for ‘PMS 012’

Cover: Knight Hammer 280gsm with Knight 140gsm ‘gold inlay’.
• No print
• Copper Staples done by Bambra
• Gold inlay in two foils over the top of each other
• Base foil is Matt Gold 429
• lmage foil Is Dark Mirror Gold 425
• Hammer cover has been debossed to fit gold inlay

Text: Knight Smooth, Cream 140gsm, Knight Smooth, White 140gsm, Knight Vellum, 140gsm.
• CMYK print throughout
• Pages 22/23 have bump plate 021U
• Page 18/19 we 3D printed that piece of futuristic armor. Designed by RMIT student Amelia Agosta and printed in Melbourne by 3D objective
• Text is printed with a 400 Hybrid Screen. Part line screen and part stochastic


#1 Knight Smooth Cream 250gsm
• Black print only.
• Foil produced by Avon
• Multilevel emboss with foil. 2 passes.
• Matt Gold 25

#2 Knight Smooth White 400gsm
• CMYK conventional offset GTO Anicolor

#3 Knight Indigo, Vellum 325gsm
• CMYK Indigo 7500

#4 Knight Linen 350gsm
• CMYK conventional offset GTO Anicolor

Belly band and sticker:
• Curious Translucent 90gsm
• Jac Serilux black vinyl 30mm