Our Digital Synthetics range

Did you know we stock synthetic products engineered for digital printing? Well, we sure do. In fact, we’ve got three absolute winners – PicoFilm, EnDURO and Tacky Dry Super Tuff Poly. They’re all high temperature resistant (meaning they won’t melt), durable, tear proof and weather resistant.
A coated polyester (PET) that offers excellent colour reproduction, stiffness and trouble free feeding. This product is suitable for both Dry Toner and HP Indigo presses.
A high white paper laminate reinforced with a polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) film. Comes in ICE (PET – transparent) or Classic (PP – paper face). The ideal combination of paper feel, with the strength and printability of a synthetic. It’s easy to convert, has great printability and is easy to fold. Suitable for Dry Toner and HP Indigo presses.
Tacky Dry Super Tuff Poly
A polyester based, non adhesive paper with a white satin finish. Tacky Dry Super Tuff Poly has a soft tactile quality and comes in adhesive options too. Suitable for Dry Toner printing only.
There are so many uses for these products including point-of-sale, overlays, envelopes and protective jackets, maps, golf/membership cards, tags, entrance tickets, numbered bibs for sporting events, use-by dates for food, menus, personalised certificates, training manuals, blue prints, parking tickets, horticulture tags, boating maps and hotel door handle tags. Those and many more.
Follow the links above for more specifications, or call you trusty rep for more information.