Doggett Labels – For all Applications

Doggett labels is an iconic brand in the Australian printing landscape.   The range of sheeted, die cut, self-adhesive solutions has been consistently growing for over a decade and provides a broad scope of solutions across many labelling applications. Our customer base expects reliability, innovation and versatility from our offering, and all business decisions that impact the Doggett labels division reflect these requirements.   We hold substantial inventory of parent rolls for our eighteen standard stock lines. Our library of standard cutting dies is ever increasing and we produce our product locally in the Braeside, the largest converting facility in Australia, based in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. The flexibility to mix and match from the options of face stock, adhesive type and the cutting die templates available means we can service most needs promptly. When a customer’s requirement’s fall outside what is already available, we can produce customised cutting dies to exactly meet that need.” The pillars of sustainability are understood to be actions that impact us socially, economically and on our environment. Doggett labels is doing a number of things that contribute in a positive way towards a sustainable model.   1.  The Ball and Doggett i_Consignment program allows inventory to be held on site at customers, with consumption and replenishment of stocks monitored based on a min/max stock threshold with top ups automatically generated. When used correctly, i_Consignment results in faster turnaround times for clients who have the right floor stock readily available.   2.  If we notice a customer repeatedly purchasing smaller quantities of the same items, we work with them to do things differently that lead to economic and environmentally positive outcomes through a larger packaging option.  With less orders raised, fewer invoices generated and less vehicles delivering product through the course of a month, the environmental footprint of these transactions is decreased.   3. When redeveloping our packaging, addressing how to be present more sustainable experience through our packaging was a key focus. Our standard packaging is printed inside and out. This offers our customers who print, the option of turning the original packaging inside out and reusing and or re-purposing the packaging for on shipping to the end user.   4. With fewer deliveries required through the use of this inventory management system, there is a tangible reduction in vehicle emissions. The market is demanding face stock options that are either recyclable or have traceability. We include in these options a 100% recycled brown Kraft face stock.   5. Customised flexible metal cutting dies with specific requirements for an application can (and regularly do), have a multiple label shapes and sizes on the one sheet. The benefits of this are numerous, with reduced waste the most obvious. In the case of a series of labels that are required to follow a person or product through a series of steps in a process, this concept works very well.   An example of this may be an A4 sheet with different label sizes allocated to a client being admitted to an institution. This could include a larger label for recording client details on a master file, coupled with smaller label sizes for blood test vials and personal property packaging closures.   The use of labels in short to medium run packaging applications, as opposed to printing directly onto the packaging, has merit in some instances. Where multiple SKU’s embracing a standard packaging type are being manufactured (think single serve soup meals in plastic containers), the minimum quantities required to tool up for direct printing of multiple variables can be cost prohibitive for small manufacturing runs.   Small business would rather avoid locking up cash unnecessarily on printed containers that may take lengthy times to use. In such a circumstance, sheets of die cut shapes in one or more design can be used to brand the products if and when required.   Our range of standard cutting die templates can be found on the Ball and Doggett website. If requirements are not able to be met through an existing die in the library, we can work with the customer to produce a customised solution.   Our hope is that this article make you question you current buying practices. We welcome further discussions with you to ensure that you are working to achieving your businesses and that of your customer’s sustainable goals.   Article by Roger Gee, National Manager Doggett Labels Get in touch with Roger Gee at