Doggett x Justus Magazine

Title: Justus Magazine issue 4: ‘Wrapped in you’
Designer: Lindsay Smith from Eleven Eleven Design
Stocks: Strathmore Premium Wove, Super Smooth and Cambric, Skin Curious Collection,Rives Design,Buffalo Kraft, HannoArt Satin, Curious Metallics,Impact,Wild,Buffalo Board
Printing specs: Predominantly offset printed with foil, UV, spot colours, die cuts, reflectakote plus digital section printed on a HP Indigo
Printed by: Platypus Graphics (QLD)

Justus issue 4 is about to hit the streets and we’re super excited to say it features a knockout selection of our finest fine papers. It’s like our paper dreams have come true.

With unlimited access to print and embellishment techniques, the Justus story starts with a Tafeda embossed Buffalo Board slip case, followed by a pearl ‘snowflake’ like foil on Wild paper. Opening the first pages, it shows UV printing on Strathmore Super Smooth and then it rolls on from there. Spot colours, copper foils, a silver reflectakote, French folds, die cuts and more. There is definitely nothing minimalist about Justus issue 4. More is more.

Designed and edited by Lindsay Smith of Eleven Eleven design, Justus Magazine is created to celebrate (and show off), the talent within the Australian print, paper and design industry. It is made by us, for us. Just us. Issue 4 ‘Wrapped in you’ has a central theme of packaging and is printed by Platypus Graphics. Based in Brisbane these guys run a slick operation and their skill as printers, foilers and finishers is clear to see. I addition, there’s also a special HP Indigo section which highlights what these new machines can do and how our paper responds to the new digital techniques.

Your K.W.Doggett Fine Paper specialist has a copy to show you in their next studio visit but if you can’t wait til then, log on to Justus and subscribe for yourself. We look forward to bringing this beauty to market soon.
















A rose gold wedding

Title: A rose gold wedding
Designer: Julie de Paoli
Stocks: Strathmore Premium Wove – Soft 352gsm and 270gsm
Printing specs: Offset printed
Printed by: Watermarx Graphics (NSW)

These invitations were a personal project for graphic designer and bride-to-be Julie De Paoli. She wanted to create a design reflecting the unique bond she shares with her husband and the sentiment of their special day. So romantic!


So the theme of the wedding suite was centred around the concept of growth. Intricate botanical drawings are featured throughout, including an olive branch and a rose which represent Julie’s Mediterranean roots and her husband’s English background. Ripper idea and great choice to use the rose gold foil. Elegant bling.

The suite of items was printed on Strathmore Premium Wove – Soft White 352gsm and 270gsm. The typography retains a modern edge with the use of both script and san serif typefaces. Julie explains: “The stock, with its subtle texture complemented the smooth metallic finish of the rose gold foil.  It was a difficult illustration to print, however the printers, Alan and Ange from Watermarx, did a fantastic job. The beautiful detail of the imagery and powerful bold foil was everything I had envisioned it to be.”

To see more of Julie’s work follow @juliedepaoli on Instagram and Twitter and keep your eyes peeled for her new website coming soon!








The 50NZ Dow Retrospective by StudioBrave

Title: The 50NZ Dow Retrospective by StudioBrave
Agency: StudioBrave
Stocks: Keaykolour Jet Black 300gsm, Conqueror Laid Calligraphy 300gsm and Knight Digital Indigo 120gsm
Printing specs: Digitally printed
Printed by: Press Print (VIC)

StudioBrave have designed a spectacular new printed piece – the Dow 50NZ Retrospective. We always say a great design makes the paper and StudioBrave have done just that. Printed by Melbourne’s Press Print, they have taken digital printing to a new level.

Dow is a global chemical organisation involved in the markets of agriculture, consumers, energy, infrastructure and transportation. The 50NZ Dow Retrospective was produced to commemorate 50 years of business in New Zealand. StudioBrave shares: “We were engaged to produce a book that harnessed the rich history of Dow in New Zealand and the culture that surrounds it. The company had become synonymous with New Plymouth, producing generations of employees and becoming part of the fabric that makes up the region. This book was for them, for every employee of the past 50 years.”


The piece combines beautiful artwork, a selection of monochromatic papers and print techniques that work together seamlessly. The paper includes Keaykolour Jet Black 300gsm for the cover, belly wrap on Conqueror Laid 300gsm with opaque white ink plus Knight Digital Indigo 120gsm for the text. Carlo Mussett from StudioBrave  explains: “It was important the book felt tactile, personal and natural, to reflect Dow’s passion for sustainability in agriculture and the environment. Conqueror Laid Calligraphy was used to complement this concept and every employee’s name has been foiled on the inside cover for an added personal touch.”

The pages of the retrospective are a treat to explore and the paper lends itself really well to image rich photography. StudioBrave engaged photographer Derek Swalwell to shoot New Zealand’s North Island, in particular New Plymouth. Carlo explains: “We wanted this to be a retrospective first and a company branded book second, by removing corporate colours and bringing in the iconic black of New Zealand, we found a balance and relationship grow between the book and its content.”

This is a great example of how you can design for digital print and really push the boundaries of creativity to achieve a outstanding result! To see more of StudioBrave’s work go to









Inti Imports Wine & Spirits new branding by Moko Creative

Title: Inti Imports Wine & Spirits
Agency: Moko Creative
StocksKeaykolour Original Jet Black 450gsm
Printing specs: Copper foil and hand painted edges
Printer: Blueprint (VIC)

These striking business cards by Melbourne based studio Moko Creative were designed for Inti Imports, a boutique wine and spirits importing company who required a new identity to launch into the wholesale industry. Sounds like a good bunch of people to know! Inti imports source their highly curated product range from South America, in particular Peru and Chile, so it was important the brand reflected the essence of South American culture.

The business cards, printed on Keaykolour Original Jet Black 450gsm feature copper foiling and delicate hand painted copper edging. Moko Creative explains: “We selected this stock due to its thick weight yet elegant and textural qualities. Keaykolour Original Jet Black also contrasts well with the copper foil. These cards have so far made a great lasting impression, especially with local business people.”

Be sure to check out Inti Imports to add a little South American spice to your next culinary experience.


Christmas matters

Title: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper 2015 Christmas cards
AgencyHofstede Design (VIC)
StocksCurious Matter Desiree Red 380gsm and Adiron Blue 270gsm (cards). Tablex Salmon and Kaskad Sparrow Grey (envelopes).
Printed by: Apex Gold Stamping (cards and address labels), Northern Tag Stringers (envelopes). Both in VIC.

Our super cheery Christmas cards are printed on new specialty range Curious MatterHofstede Design have done a great job of creating a striking yet intentionally simple graphic, making the paper the star of the show. Each card is made-up of two pieces that interlock to make a four sided tree design. All we need now are teeny tiny presents to sit under the tree!


For something extra special, we created envelopes printed on Tablex Salmon and Kaskad Sparrow Grey plus some embossed return address labels to seal the deal.


Curious Matter
The Curious Matter range made by Arjowiggins Creative Papers, is all about the tactile experience of the paper. It’s sand-like yet silky feel (because of the potato starch it’s coated with) is sure to have you addicted. Did we mention it has a colour palette that really pops?! Available in 125, 135, 270 and 380gsm, it will fill your dreams with ideas about your next paper creation.

Printing specs:

  • Card 1 – printed white foil stamp on Curious Matter Desiree Red 380gsm.
  • Card 2 – printed white foil stamp on Curious Matter Adiron Blue 270gsm.
  • Envelope 1 – custom made, on Kaskad Sparrow Grey 160gsm.
  • Envelope 2 – custom made, on Tablex Salmon 150gsm.
  • Address labels – custom made on Doggett label white gloss.

Phew! Merry Christmas everyone and stay tuned for more updates on the official launch of Curious Matter in the New Year. Enjoy!




‘Workbook’ by Brooke Holm and Marsha Golemac

Title: Workbook
Creators: Brooke Holm and Marsha Golemac
Agency: Ortolan (VIC)
Stocks and printing specs: See specs at bottom of email
Printed by:  Offset component by Southern Colour (VIC), binding by Mercedes Waratah (VIC), embellishments by Enhance Print (VIC). Dry toner book printed and bound by McKellar Renown Press (VIC) on a Xerox Colour 800, digital postcard printed on this machine too.

Oooooo we like a wee bit of collaboration around here, especially when it comes in the form of an uber talented photographer and stylist aka Brooke Holm and Marsha Golemac. It’s the first time the pair (and good friends) have worked together on a project of their very own, just for them. Brooke’s photography from America and Canada paired with Marsha’s stylistic response has resulted in ‘Workbook’ and a damn fine piece of creative.


This is how it started: Brooke speaks to Catherine Doggett about her trip to North America. After some earlier discussions about working together, printing the photos seems a good fit. Catherine then thinks about Marsha and her awesome styling work and hey presto, a collaboration is born. Ortolan then joins the picture to provide some graphic design prowess, paper is meticulously selected by internal, democratic voting, a few production meetings, loads of phone calls and emails and some more production chats, an exhibition at Modern Times takes place and in the end everyone’s a winner!

This commercial print piece has become not only a beautiful, inspirational project but a testament to collaborations that work. The right creative, people and paper (choosing Strathmore worked super well because the paper has even ink lay down, produced nice solids and sharp image production). An interview on the pair’s creative process appears on the Modern Times blog which is worth checking out.


Other than the offset printed Workbook, we also ran out a dry toner version and some postcards (two offset and one digital on an Indigo machine) to show the results you can achieve using both printing methods. This is becoming more important with the need to include print components in a campaign and both long and short runs. You want the paper to match between presses and with a bit of craftiness when it comes to production, you can achieve an excellent result. Your paper specialist can run you through everything when they visit.




Some tips on production:

  • A lot of work was done in the pre-press stages. It was crucial with the photographs particularly, to take out any shadows so we opened the mid tones. Not much had to be adjusted on press as a result.
  • We printed the offset book line screen not stochastic.
  • Strathmore is a true white ie not blue white. The Ultimate White adds a small amount of yellow into the mix, so be aware of this in the file preparation stage. You can compensate for it on press but you may as well do it before then.
  • For the offset job we ran the Smooth sheets on a coated profile and the Wove ones on an uncoated profile. The line screen was 225.
  • For the digital job we ran it on a coated profile as the colours were much more vibrant with this setting.

Print specs:

  • Workbook cover – Strathmore Premium Wove Glacier Mist 270gsm + holographic silver foil. Section sewn, drawn on cover + white buckram tape on spine.
  • Workbook text – section 1 (16pp): Strathmore Premium Wove Ultimate White 118gsm. CMYK + PMS9244 U (pink) and PMS9040 U (blue) with emboss on first page. Section 2 (8pp): Strathmore Premium Super Smooth Ultimate White 118gsm. CMYK + PMS9244 U (pink) and PMS9040 U (blue). Section 3 (16pp): Strathmore Premium Super Smooth Ultimate White 148gsm. CMYK + PMS9040 U (blue).
  • Postcards (offset and digital) are a mix of Strathmore Premium Wove Ultimate White 352gsm and 432gsm.

Dry toner book:

  • Printed on a Xerox Colour 800 with a spot gloss varnish done in line on the Xerox.
  • Cover: Concept Vellum Ocean Mist 352gsm + white gloss foil and singer sewn spine.
  • Text – Strathmore Premium Wove Ultimate White 148gsm and Strathmore Premium Super Smooth Ultimate White 148gsm. Clear Gloss Varnish on p1 and pp17-24.






Buffalo Board recipe cards promotion

Title: Buffalo Board recipe cards promotion
Agency: Recipe cards – Seesaw (VIC). Notepads – K.W.Doggett Fine Paper.
Stocks: Recipe cards – Buffalo BoardKaskad Kingfisher Blue and Kaskad Fantail Orange. Notepads – Buffalo Kraft, Buffalo BoardGrange Tints Old Gold and Tablex Tints Salmon.
Printing specs: Recipe cards – Offset and digitally printed. Notepads – Debossed.
Printed by: Recipe cards – Bambra (VIC). Notepads – E.H. Stationers (VIC).

We have a fun, new and exciting Buffalo Board recipe cards promotion for you to feast your eyes on. The cards are a follow up to our previous promo in 2011. You may remember five recipe cards featuring mouth watering buffalo mozzarella dishes? Visit the post here. This latest set of colourful cards were designed by Seesaw and feature simple illustrative graphics that highlight the recipe’s ingredients. To showcase just how versatile Buffalo can be, Seesaw went to town with embellishments and we printed one card offset and the other digital. The recipes were kindly supplied by chef Maurizio Terzini, owner of popular Italian Restaurant Da’Orazio and the famous Icebergs Restaurant in Bondi.

The offset card is printed CMYK on Buffalo Board 283gsm with three foils ie Clear, White and Milford Astor GFE123 Dark Green for some extra bling. The digital card was printed HP Indigo CMYK on Buffalo Board 283gsm plus Opaque White Ink and duplexed to Kaskad Kingfisher Blue 270gsm with Opaque White Ink (two hits) phew! To wrap them all up nice and neat we added a belly band in Kaskad Fantail Orange 100gsm.


Buffalo Board is a low density, high yield product. It’s an uncoated, moisture-resistant folding carton board that is cost effective, has a verifiably low bacteria content compared to many other paperboard products and outstanding strength and durability. Buffalo Board is also available in 386gsm/711ums and is also used for health, beauty, fashion and beverage applications. It’s made from natural kraft fibres that are responsibly sourced and fully recyclable and is carbon neutral (measured exit mill gate).

Printing tips
Buffalo Board is suitable for all kinds of jobs. Think offset, digital and letterpress printing as well as embellishments like foil and screen printing. The natural kraft paper looks great with some white ink (consider two-three hits for offset and two hits for digital). If you want your CMYK colours to really pop, apply a white ink base first then a layer of CMYK over the top. This provides a surface for which the colour can sit up on, resulting in a brighter finish. You might like to do a combination of both like we did for the recipe cards (colours with and without a white base) to achieve a variety of printed effects. It comes up a treat!

It’s no secret we have a thing for bling, but kraft could be a close second. So we’ve also produced a set of A5 notepads as a gift for our customers. They come with three different spine colours – natural ie Buffalo Board, as well as Grange Tints Old Gold 80gsm and Tablex Tints Salmon 150gsm. All have a subtle K.W.Doggett Fine Paper debossed logo on them. It’s also perforated along the spine for writing down quick and easy tear-away ideas.


If you have any specific packaging related questions, please call our John Alipan, Packaging Business Development Manager  (National) on 0434 692 446 or and for all the Syndey-siders, contact Chris Churchward on 0488 440 131 or

Our paper specialists and account managers are coming around to see you soon with your own copy. Enjoy!







Curious Collection A5 promo

Title: Curious Collection A5 promo
Agency: Three60 (VIC). Photography by Justin Cooper. 
Stocks: Skin Curious Collection, Skin Curious Collection Digital, Curious Metallics
Printing specs: Digitally printed plus embellishments
Printed by: Foiled cards: Apex Goldstamping (VIC). NexPress Gold and belly band: Impact Digital (VIC). HP Indigo card: Clarke Murphy Print (NSW). Spot UV: Avon Graphics (VIC).

Our new promo showcases a stunning set of images on Skin Curious Collection and Curious Metallics. The images complement the Skin campaign from 2013. You may remember the original promotion with the haunting images of a man covered in a kaleidoscope of coloured paint. If not, visit the story here.

The shots are the hero, then there’s the paper and the awesome art direction from Three60 which means we got to collaborate on another exciting campaign. As Dellano shared with us: “Our concept explored the notion of regeneration. Our idea was to find a way to express shedding the old to make way for the new [imagery]. Like a snake putting on its new suit, we treated the image to look like the paper surface was the outer layer, slowly peeling and cracking away to reveal a shiny new surface that lies beneath.”

To give this year’s images just as much love, we used a mix of papers. After playing around with the stocks we discovered the suite of complementary colours in the Metallics and Skin ranges. We wanted something paired back, sophisticated and shades that worked well with the designs. Often, people use Curious Metallics for wedding invites but we had hoped that mixing up some of the stocks would show the kind of results you can get. So a bit more of a sophisticated colour palette with a dash of sparkle.


Check out the detail in those foiled images. Crazy. Critical to being able to achieve this result was the capacity to transform a full tonal range into a bitmap image which could be foiled. As Dellano further explains: “This was largely a process of knowing exactly what we wanted the end result to look like. We worked closely with our photographer to ensure our model would be lit appropriately to allow the tonal shift we needed in post production, without compromising the quality of light rendered once the image was converted to a bitmap format. However, no matter how much planning goes into creating these images, there is always a healthy amount of trial and error when it comes down to the final stages of tweaking in Photoshop.”

The Skin Stone and Curious Metallics Nude cards are a great example of having the embellishment really complement the stock while showcasing the design. We ran the cards through twice, same image, which resulted in a more solid look and a shinier finish. It was ok with one hit as well but we decided to go with two. The pressure was the same second run. The detail in the artwork also made a difference, as did the person making the plate. True craftsmen/women.

The dark blue card features a rad print technique called NexPress Gold. We recently wrote an article about it. If and when a silver version gets released we’re sure it will be just as popular. It only takes one hit of the Gold Dry Ink to get this effect. We did have to consider the FSC logo but and the very small font size but it all turned out aok.

Curious Collection papers are suitable for all kinds of jobs. Think offset, digital and letterpress printing as well as embellishments like foil and screen printing. The darker Skin colours look great with some white ink and the lighter colours in both ranges come up really well with CMYK printing. Applications include menus, luxury packaging, invitations, fashion labels, presentation folders, covers for publications and business cards. Both ranges are exclusive to us, the fine paper people and can be enjoyed by you, anytime you want some tactility in your life.

Card one: Skin Dark Blue 270gsm, UV spot gloss varnish (front), Dry Toner NexPress Gold Dry Ink (back).
Card two: Skin Stone 270gsm, Milford Astor Gloss Black Foil.
Card three: Skin Digital Extra White 270gsm, HP Indigo CMYK.
Card four: Curious Metallics Nude 300gsm, Milford Astor Pink/Copper foil.
Belly band: Curious Metallics Cognac 120gsm, Dry Toner CMYK.

Our paper specialists and account managers are coming around to see you soon with your own copy. Enjoy!









Cleveland & Co property brochure by Hoyne

Title: Cleveland & Co residential and commercial precinct
Stocks: Doggett Boxboard and Impact
Printing specs: Offset printed
Printed by: Green and Gold (NSW)

Hoyne recently designed the property campaign for ‘Cleveland & Co’, a restoration of two historic warehouses in Sydney’s Redfern, into one flagship residential and commercial precinct. The campaign heroes the art deco aspects of the building, combining it with some 21st century styling that takes the modern industrial look to a whole new level.

The brochure features a Doggett Boxboard 310gsm cover to reflect the buildings historical roots as a manufacturing and warehouse space, with red foil as a nod towards its recent premium renovation. The text pages are printed on Impact 100% Recycled 150gsm. The natural, uncoated surface of the stock really highlights the simple, clean shapes and stylised imagery of the incredible Art Deco illustrations created by commissioned artist, Matt Johnson.

Hoyne shares: “The old buildings had a fascinating pattern of use across two significant centuries, their structures have got real character and a unique spirit. What they needed was a confident, progressive campaign with panache.” And that’s exactly what Hoyne delivered.






Utopia Goods catalogue by Deuce Design

Title: Utopia Goods catalogue
Stocks: Booklet – Keaykolour Original Navy Blue, Conqueror Wove. Postcard – Conqueror Laid 400gsm
Printing specs: Offset printed. Cover: foil on front, PMS 877 Silver inside. Text: 4 colour process plus 1 PMS throughout.
Printed by: Special T Print, Sydney

By day Bruce Slorach and Sophie Tatlow run the highly regarded Deuce Design. By night these two crafty cats dream up beautiful modern Australian homewares. Utopia Goods is a range of soft furnishings that centre around Bruce’s illustrative work. It features hand drawn native flora and fauna and is, in their words: “Part maximalist and part sumptuous fabric feast.” We love the colour, the chaos and the maximalist nature of it all. The perfect contrast to all that Danish minimalism of recent times.


For their printed catalogue, Duece were looking for a paper that would reproduce the beautiful bold colours of the collection and still offer the handler a natural finish. We chose Conqueror Wove Diamond White 120gsm, paired back with a Keaykolour Original Navy Blue cover in 250gsm. The Wove paper is soft to touch, not smooth but certainly not rough. The perfect softer style sheet for a brand such as Utopia Goods. Kudos to Special T Print in Sydney, a superb print job.