Great Dane Furniture catalogue

Title: Great Dane furniture store catalogue
Agency: Hoyne
Client: Great Dane
Stocks: Sovereign Offset
Printed by: Lindsay Yates (NSW)

Have you ever seen a Great Dane being walked down the street? If the answer is yes, can you honestly tell us that you don’t stare at it. Even for a moment. Hmmm? Perhaps it’s the beauty of such a big creature, the fact that it stands out from the crowd maybe. The Great Dane Furniture brochure recently created by Hoyne is much like that moment when you spot the oversized dog pacing down the street.  It’s mesmorising, it catches your eye and you can’t help but stare.


Hoyne was approached to reposition Great Dane Furniture as being a modern and contemporary furniture company (even if some of the pieces were designed 60 years ago). How, pray tell, does a design agency turn a brand that is feeling old and heavy into one that embodies qualities like: crisp, spacious, authentic, beautiful and represents ‘the home of Scandinavian design’? You have a vision and you stick to it, that’s how. The result is an A2 size publication that excites and inspires with its sheer size and beautiful, stylish imagery, all topped off with a gorgeous Great Dane on the front cover.

Hoyne used Sovereign Offset 120gsm for the catalogue simply because it’s their favourite stock. They have used Sovereign Offset numerous times in the past for other brochures and knew that it would print images well. This catalogue was printed 4 colour process at a 175 line screen ruling.

Andrew Hoyne, Principal at Hoyne, really inspired us with stories about their persistence and commitment to achieving a great result. He tells us how a lot of their ideas scared the client. Everything from the size, printing the inside pages pink to resemble a publication within a publication and not being able to include all of the products or all of their favourite photos from the shoot, made them very uncomfortable. The client was even dead set against using illustration but Andrew went ahead and did it anyway! “Chairs stacked to the height of a bridge and chairs floating through the air were ideas that made no sense to the client (or anyone else who heard them). After much coaxing and after promising I’d pay for it if they hated it, the client finally agreed to let us create something memorable and differentiated from what they had done in the past. Something different from what people expect in a furniture catalogue.”

Not a bad way to celebrate your 10th anniversary is it? Hip hip hooray and a happy birthday to you – Great Dane Furniture!