Massimo Vignelli makes books

Part of Mohawk’s campaign ‘What will you make today?’ includes this video about designer Massimo Vignelli and his approach to book design. The short clip, created by Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and team, follows Massimo’s passion and unique method of designing books.

This video is an animation of one of Massimo’s classic designs showcasing architect, Richard Meier, as an example. Each page is drawn in pencil (as Massimo finds doing this by hand much faster than with a computer) and uses a grid as a guide for the initial layout stage. The grid determines the position of the photographs and “…is an integral part of book design. It’s not something that you see. It’s just like underwear: you wear it, but it’s not to be exposed. The grid is the underwear of the book.” Massimo explains while chuckling in the video.

Michael and his team at Pentagram created a corresponding journal featuring the grid, beautifully carried through to the front and back covers with a debossed effect applied. This limited edition journal is available from Mohawk’s website.

The ‘What will you make today?’ campaign launched last year together with Mohawk’s new identity. Stay tuned for more short clips planned later this year.